Gemini predicts the upcoming winter weather for this season

Gemini predicts the upcoming winter weather for this season

Texas, USA – Crisis, crisis, crisis. This is what it looks like walking across my front yard and over my driveway. What makes the grinding sound…walnuts! Lots of them. They’re cracking under the weight of my feet and my car’s wheels. What does this have to do with the weather? Let me explain with a question.

Do you think nature can predict the coming season? Hot and dry summer or cold and snowy winter? For many years, I have been counting the number of acorns produced by the oak trees in my garden. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but in years where nuts were abundant, there was above-average snowfall.

Tree experts will tell you that trees are not predictive, they are reactive. So trees don’t tell us what will happen, they only respond to what happened. For this reason, I was told, in dry years, the trees would produce no or very few nuts. But wait a second. What about this year?

We just had the second hottest summer on record in East Texas, we went nearly two months without any rain, and at one point, most of East Texas was in severe drought. So, if trees are reacting to those conditions, explain this year’s acorn numbers.

Credit: CBS19

Maybe nature knows what’s coming. Perhaps nature provides more nuts so that squirrels can bury nuts to get through cold, snowy areas in winter. Did you know that squirrels have a sixth sense when it comes to where to bury their food? They can go right back to the plot and find the nuts weeks later. surprising!

Anyway, you’ve heard of woolly worms predicting winter. The blacker the woolly worm, the harsher the winter? Or persimmon seeds? If you open one and the seed is spoon-shaped, it means you will be shoveling snow. If the seed is thorn-shaped, the winter will be warm and dry, and if it is knife-shaped, it will be very cold. So why not keep an eye on the squirrels, track their behavior, and see if they have any clues about the coming winter

Credit: CBS19

The squirrels in my garden were busy burying the nuts. But there is still a lot of stuff left on the ground. From this lack of commitment to stocking up on nuts for the winter, I would say that any kind of winter weather is still several weeks away or the squirrels tell us, if it snows this winter, it won’t last long. a

Anyway, let’s keep an eye on our furry friends, and when these rodents start digging more, maybe it’ll be time for us to dig out our warmer clothes. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether these predictions can be trusted or are just crazy.

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