Have we seen the last 90 degree day in 2023? Autumn weather arrives after the cold front on Wednesday

(WGHP) – While we’ve had some excitement for fall weather, we’ll get a nice taste of the second half of this week.

The temperatures heading into the second full week of September were certainly not fall-like with highs in the mid to upper 80s in the Piedmont Triad.

The good news? A slow-moving cold front will continue to move through the Tar Heel State Wednesday into Thursday morning, bringing cooler, more fall-like weather.

How cool are we talking? Well, temperatures are typically in the low 80s around mid-September and temperatures will drop to near normal or slightly below normal for at least the next five days.

We’ve reached the time of year when you need a jacket in the morning and a t-shirt in the afternoon.

Although Wednesday afternoon temperatures will be cooler than Tuesday’s, we will really feel the drop by Thursday with highs in the upper 70s.

Thursday through Monday, afternoon high temperatures will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

While afternoon highs will be near normal, morning temperatures will be below normal and many will say cold.

Thursday morning will be in the low 60s, which is normal for mid-September. But by the end of the week and heading into the weekend, our mornings will be in the mid 50s.

Low humidity and cool temperatures early in the morning will feel a lot like fall.

Our last 90 degree day?

With only 10 days left until the autumnal equinox, we’ve likely seen the last 90-degree day of the year.

On average, our last 90-degree day falls on September 10, but last year’s last 90-degree day was August 27.

This year, assuming we don’t see another 90-degree day, September 7 will be the last day it hits 91 degrees.

In the past 10 years, the Trinity has observed four 90-degree days after September 13. This was on September 24, 2016; September 28, 2017; October 5, 2018; And October 4, 2019.

The last recorded day of a 90 degree angle to the triad was October 12, 1904.

Will the fall-like weather continue?

According to the Climate Prediction Center, as we approach the last week and a half of September, temperatures have a better chance of staying above normal.

However, when we mention above-normal temperatures in late September, it likely means high temperatures in the upper 70s or low 80s.

The data is also trending there with many showing temperatures in the upper 70s or low 80s as well.

If these forecast trends hold true, we’ll be through the 90 days for the year and pumpkin spice season will be in full force.

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