Hawks drop the ball in loss to Miami Heat

Hawks drop the ball in loss to Miami Heat

The Hawks debuted their new sky-blue stadium during a game against the Heat on November 11. (Clement Lee/Sports Editor)

The Atlanta Hawks faced the Miami Heat, last year’s NBA runner-up, on November 11 after a long road game. Stretching. The night marked the Hawks’ first matchup since the 2023 game Competition Where they beat the Heat 116-105. The Hawks debut the Nike NBA Fly City release Jerseys and the opposite court, with the traditional black and red court replaced with light blue and transparent Hawks logos.

As the match approached, the Hawks seemed to be the favorite because Miami was missing forward Jimmy Butler due to personal problems and goalkeeper Tyler Herro due to an ankle sprain he suffered on November 8 against Miami. Memphis Grizzlies. However, the Hawks did not take advantage of those absences and started the first quarter cold, making just nine field goals out of 24 attempts. The Hawks trailed 41-24 after the first quarter and missed several crucial shots to reduce Miami’s lead.

Atlanta was able to reduce the deficit to 11 points near the end of the first half with two free throws from goalkeeper Trae Young and three-pointers from forward Jalen Johnson and goalkeeper Dejounte Murray. Despite the Hawks’ improvement in defense and nine turnovers, Miami forward Jaime Jaquez Jr. scored 10 points in the second quarter, and the Heat ended the first half with a 63-52 lead.

Hawks coach Quin Snyder noted the Hawks’ poor performance in the first quarter.

“After the first quarter, we were solid defensively, but you can’t take away the first quarter,” Snyder said. “We have a competitive group, and it showed by the way it was a two-possession game at one point.”

The third quarter was no different for the Hawks. Atlanta shot 47.8% from the field and 40% from three-pointers, and Murray and forward Wesley Matthews each converted two 3-pointers. However, the Heat responded with an efficient scoring barrage, shooting 57.9% from the field and 66.7% from three to maintain the lead.

In the fourth quarter, the Hawks tried to fight their way back into the contest. Forward Bogdan Bogdanovic made three three-pointers on four attempts, and Young scored 14 points. However, the Heat were able to maintain the lead as midfielder Bam Adebayo scored eight points.

Despite the absence of several key players, Miami won 117-109. Young scored 27 points and had 11 assists, while Murray had 23 points, five rebounds and five assists. On the Heat team, Adebayo scored 26 points and grabbed 17 rebounds, while rookie Jaquez scored 20 points.

Snyder said the Hawks’ 21 turnovers resulted from the team not taking advantage of “open looks,” which forced them to drive more to the route.

Young emphasized getting faster shots in the future.

“You just have to shoot the ball,” Young said. “(Miami) makes you think you have a lane to drive and then there’s another guy helping you. If you’re not ready to shoot threes against this team, you’re going to have a tough night.”

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