Here’s how Hurricane Lee will improve Michigan’s weekend weather

Weather in Michigan can affect tornadoes. But it also goes the other way, and Hurricane Lee will impact the weather in Michigan this weekend. For most of us, the effect is likely to be positive.

I wrote on Monday about how a hurricane’s path in the North Atlantic is often determined by the general weather conditions over the Great Lakes region.

The opposite is also true as a hurricane can affect the weather heading toward Michigan. It looks like our weather here in Michigan will be affected by Hurricane Lee as it moves toward making landfall somewhere in the northeastern United States or Canada.

Here is the official forecast for Hurricane Lee from the National Hurricane Center as of 11 a.m. ET.

Forecast path of Hurricane Lee made at 11 a.m. Wednesday, September 13, 2023 (Source: National Hurricane Center)

Upon landfall, Hurricane Lee is expected to be below hurricane level and a tropical storm.

The big storm will impact the weather in Michigan, and in a good way, that is if you want less rain and warmer temperatures.

Lee will act as a mass and slow down the storm system coming towards Michigan. The outflow of air from the tropical system will also send a sinking, warm stream from above over Michigan. So, as rain tries to move into Michigan from the west, dry air will erode the rain. That means Lee is helping to prevent rain from falling on Saturday across lower Michigan.

Tropical Storm Lee will then speed through, heading into northeastern Canada on Sunday. At that point, Lee will act like a magnet and hold onto Michigan’s storm system. The rain will then move quickly across Michigan where it is absorbed into the tropical system.

We will likely see rain on Sunday, but it will look more intermittent than yesterday’s rain.

Here is the current rain forecast for Saturday through Sunday. You’ll get a good feel for how this storm system will have a hard time heading into Michigan and then move quickly.

Surface weather forecasts show that the rain in Michigan was held up by Lee and then eventually caught up and moved quickly across Michigan.

The weather will be bad and dangerous in the Northeast, but Lee’s influence on the weather will make the weekend better than previously thought.

The rain forecast for Sunday shows just a few tenths for most of us. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s improved weekend forecast.

Total rainfall forecast for Saturday to Sunday, September 16-17, 2023

Michigan is also typically five degrees warmer than the average forecast says when the tropical system is in the Northeast. The vent of a tropical system sends warm air to us from above.

It’s time we have some of the best weather here in Michigan.

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