Here’s how much rain fell in Houston over the past week

For this reason, total rainfall has reached record low levels over the past two months. From July 7 to August 23, no measurable rain fell at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. That 48-day period was Houston’s longest period without rain since records began in 1889.

Overall, only 0.12 inches of rain fell in Houston in the months between July 7 and September 8. That’s why the entire southeast Texas region has been classified as a “severe” or “exceptional” drought, according to the US Drought Mitigation Center.

Finally the sky opened

Fortunately, we will see some improvement in the drought situation in the next update because Houston finally got some significant rain over the past week. Since Sept. 9, George Bush Intercontinental Airport has recorded 2.60 inches of rain, of which 2.20 inches fell on Thursday alone.

Rainfall in the Bush was one of the highest on record, but most of Houston’s rainfall totals were slightly lower. Houston Hobby Airport has picked up 1.58 inches of rain since September 9.

Unfortunately, many areas saw a decrease in total rainfall. Both Sugarland and Galveston saw less than an inch of rain, measuring 0.79 and 0.92 inches, respectively. But the unluckiest place was in the north. College Station recorded only 0.21 inch of rain during this time frame.

These totals are not enough to completely eliminate dehydration, but they are a good start. Bush still has a rainfall deficit of 3.66 inches this year. That’s actually not too bad, but most of Houston saw much less rain. Hobby is 14.33 inches below average so far this year.

Sunday forecast

Rain chances will dry up as we head into Sunday. Scattered showers or a quick storm cannot be ruled out by the afternoon, but most of this activity will remain towards the coast. The chances in the city are only 20%, which means most of us will stay dry.

It will be a relatively comfortable day on Sunday with high temperatures reaching 92-93 degrees in Houston. “Feel like” temperatures will only be a degree or two higher than that.

Axial weather

Although the weather will be very warm, Sunday looks like a great day to go outside. Temperatures will start comfortably in the mid 70s, then rise to the upper 80s by noon and reach the low 90s by late afternoon. Light northerly winds will keep humidity low, keeping “similar” temperatures only in the mid 90s.

Extended forecast

Overall, a calm weather pattern is shaping up for next week. High pressure will become centrally located over Texas, bringing above-average temperatures each day. Maximum temperatures will likely range between 92 and 95 degrees each day in Houston, about 2 to 5 degrees above average for this time of year.

Rain chances will also remain low. Some scattered showers and weak storms are likely thanks to the sea breeze. However, it appears that overall precipitation coverage will remain below 20% per day.

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