Here’s San Antonio’s weather for the last official week of summer

Meteorological summer ended a few weeks ago, on September 1, but there is still another week of traditional summer, which ends with the autumnal equinox on Saturday, September 23. After the summer we endured in South Texas, the new summer season should be welcomed with relief.

This summer, temperatures rose to 100 degrees at least 74 times. The first three-digit day was June 16, and the last was September 10. While we still have another week of summer to go, we’re unlikely to see any more days of triple-digit heat before fall arrives. This is the good news. The bad news is that temperatures are expected to remain above average.

Monday forecast

It will be a very nice start to Monday. Low temperatures will be close to 71 degrees in San Antonio. Many locations in the Hill Country will see temperatures in the upper 60s to start the day. But it will warm up relatively quickly after that, with temperatures reaching the mid-80s by noon and low to mid-90s by late afternoon.

High temperatures will reach 95 degrees in San Antonio, which is five degrees above average for this time of year but well below the record high of 99 degrees, set for 2021. Areas south of San Antonio will be more A few degrees warmer, and spots in the Hill Country will be a few degrees cooler, with highs in the 90s.

The rest of the week

There won’t be any major weather fluctuations as we head into the week. High temperatures are expected to remain in the mid to upper 90s, reaching 95 to 98 degrees daily. While these temperatures are above average, temperatures are not expected to reach at least triple digits.

As a high pressure system re-establishes over the Lone Star State, rain chances will be almost non-existent in San Antonio. Some scattered rain cannot be ruled out by the middle and end of the week, but chances of rain will be 10 percent or less each day.

The first week of “fall”

Unfortunately, the first week of fall doesn’t seem to be much different from the last week of summer. Long-range weather models predict calm weather for much of Texas, especially in South Texas.

Temperatures are expected to be above average across Texas and the eastern two-thirds of the country in the first week of fall.

Climate Prediction Centre

According to the Climate Prediction Center’s 8- to 14-day forecast, above-average temperatures dominate the forecast for the entire state. Highs will likely reach the mid to upper 90s in the first week of fall, and there is an outside possibility that temperatures will reach 100 degrees again.

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