Hit the road for Thanksgiving? Here’s the weather forecast for metro Detroit, beyond

Hit the road for Thanksgiving?  Here’s the weather forecast for metro Detroit, beyond

4 weather warning – Traveling for Thanksgiving? You’re not alone: ​​This week, tens of millions of Americans are expected to hit the road to their Thanksgiving destination, with a few million more taking to the skies.

If you drive through or perhaps into metro Detroit or Michigan this week, you will be met with different weather depending on the day. Here are the weather details for Tuesday through Friday in Southeast Michigan – with a look at the national forecast below.

Forecast for Tuesday, November 21

Tuesday began with fairly widespread rain across southeastern Michigan. This rain is expected to continue for most of the day, but will subside in the afternoon and evening.

Here is the timing of rain:

  • Rain was widespread across areas to the south and west of our area around 7am. Residents of central Michigan and a little north in the Lower Peninsula were also experiencing a wintry mix and more icy conditions.

  • Steady, widespread, moderate to heavy rain is expected throughout Metro Detroit during the morning hours.

  • Rain is expected to shift to the north and east starting around noon.

  • Around 1 p.m., rain will continue in a line from Lapeer County to Monroe, while areas to the west will begin to dry out.

  • By 4pm or 5pm, widespread rain will move out of the area. A few scattered showers may remain throughout metro Detroit, but most of it will dry out.

  • The rain is supposed to end for everyone on Tuesday evening. The sky will remain overcast.

Cloud forecast and radar for Michigan and the United States at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. (WDIV)

Most areas of metro Detroit are expected to receive between a half inch and an inch of rain by the end of Tuesday.

The wind will be active throughout the day.

Temperatures in metro Detroit:

  • Highest levels on Tuesday: Over forties

  • Lows on Tuesday: Above thirties

Notes for other parts of Michigan:

  • A winter weather advisory in place for some Central Michigan counties is set to expire by 10 a.m. Tuesday.

  • Residents of the northern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula could face a wintry mix on Tuesday.

You can watch a video of Tuesday’s weather forecast in the video player below.

Forecast for Wednesday, November 22

Some moisture may stick around early Wednesday, but other than that there is no rain forecast for metro Detroit. The day should remain dry for the area.

The sky will be cloudy. Some sunlight may mix in during the day.

As high pressure returns to the area on Wednesday, expect breezy conditions in southeast Michigan. Winds move southwest at a speed of between 15-20 miles per hour, and may reach speeds of about 30 miles per hour.

Temperatures in metro Detroit:

  • Highest levels on WednesdayLow to mid-forties

  • Wednesday lows: Mid-thirties

Forecast for Thursday, November 23

Thanksgiving Day is expected to be dry, and possibly nice and sunny, in metro Detroit.

Our 4Warn meteorologists are not predicting any rain in the area on Thursday. The clouds should break by Thursday, making way for some sunshine during the holiday.

Winds could also be breezy on Thursday, but are not expected to be as breezy as Wednesday. Winds will move west at 10-15 mph, and could gust up to about 20 mph – although the wind shouldn’t have much of an impact on the giant balloons that appeared in the American Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Detroit this morning. Thursday!

Temperatures in metro Detroit:

  • Highest levels on Thursday: Upper and mid-forties

  • Thursday lowest levels:less than 30s

Conditions look mostly dry and mild across Michigan on Thursday.

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Forecast for Friday, November 24

Are you coming home on Friday? It’s expected to be a mild day for metro Detroit.

Friday should remain dry, with some sunshine and some clouds. Temperatures will drop slightly, making the day cooler.

Temperatures in metro Detroit:

  • Highest levels on Friday: Upper and mid-thirties

  • Friday lows: Above twenties

National forecasts

As shown above, a band of rain was moving across the eastern United States on Tuesday, November 21. Some areas were also seeing a wintry mix and snowfall. The wet weather is associated with a cold front affecting the Great Lakes region all the way to the Gulf.

This wet weather was expected to continue for those living along the eastern edge of the country on Wednesday, November 22. Rain and thunderstorms were expected in southern states in this region, while mixed rain and freezing rain were possible in other states in the north.

U.S. weather forecast for Thanksgiving week 2023, provided by the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center. (National Weather Service)

Some weather alerts have been issued in parts of the United States starting Wednesday.

In the map below, blue indicates a winter storm watch that is in effect from late Wednesday through Friday morning.

Purple indicates winter weather warnings. Those warnings will be lifted in the Northeast later Wednesday, while warnings will remain in the Rockies through Friday.

Yellow indicates high wind warnings.

Pre-Thanksgiving weather alerts for the US for the week of November 20, 2023. (WDIV)

Rainfall will taper off in the eastern states on Thanksgiving Day. Some rain will still be possible along the Gulf and in Maine, while mixed rain will be possible in parts of the Northeast and West.

Snow is expected Thursday in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and part of Idaho.

U.S. weather forecast for Thanksgiving week 2023, provided by the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center. (National Weather Service)

Worried about traffic?

Traffic is expected to surge across the country in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

If you’re traveling on Wednesday or Thursday, the weather won’t affect traffic in the Detroit metro area much. However, there may be more cars on the road.

Click here to see a real-time traffic map to see if anything is affecting Southeast Michigan Road.

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