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I am now an assistant football coach for first and second graders and may have found my calling

Last night was a beautiful night for those of us who respect summer and for those of us who are taking part in football training for the first time. Oh my God, it was complete chaos on that field. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the maelstrom of screaming, bodies flying around me, soccer balls getting close to my head, and kids spouting random sounds coming out of their brains.

Coaching baseball for third and fourth graders was like managing a Triple-A baseball team compared to what I went through last night. God bless Coach Paul who volunteered to be the head coach. It’s only a six-week mission, but he’s about to go through immediate hell.

Yes, I’ll be there in the middle of most things, but soccer moms have to deal with Coach Paul.

Advantages of scrimmage against another team:

  1. My kids who play defense really listened and seemed to grasp the concept of moving forward through movement while coming back when the ball starts moving into their area. Most of these boys have played one season or less of football. To say they are raw talent is an understatement. To say that they are calm and understand what you are saying most of the time is another understatement.
  2. The goalkeeper eventually realized that he could use his hands; He got down to the ground to chase the ball.
  3. The crime seems brave
  4. Mostly children spread out
  5. We won the fight. Yes, the kids realize that
  6. Nobody cried.
  7. The kids broke a sweat
  8. Screencaps the III seems to be really interested in football and the hustle!

I’m not even going to do negatives because this league literally revolves around one practice a week – running around, laughing and having fun with the other boys – and then a one-hour game on Saturdays for six weeks. Meanwhile, little Missy will travel on club teams to Indy, Cincinnati, Lexington, Columbus and Cleveland to play tournaments this fall, and their parents will hate life at the Country Inn & Suites, which offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. To say that their children play soccer while traveling.

So…there are no downsides to this league – yet – except for the controversy with these little crazies.

And here we go with another training mission. Don’t be surprised this fall when Saturday’s screenshots are short and sweet. I have a city park to be in.

A Lions fan doesn’t get his hopes up

• Brian A. He writes:

Lifelong fan of lions. They can go 10-0 to start the season and I would remain skeptical. They’ve only had one playoff win since I was born, and I have kids who graduated from college!

I used to go to the Thanksgiving game at the Silverdome when I was younger, and it was a family tradition. Now the family I did this with is spread across the country but my cousin is trying to organize a picnic this year because he believes the hype.

Once Bitten Twice Shy (a great hair band tune). I’m not committed to a 9-hour drive or plane on Thanksgiving weekend, which is a nightmare, after one game where the other team is missing their second-best offensive player.

As a Bungles/Bengals fan, I think you have my concerns. The Lions have had three of the best position players in the last 30 years – Sanders, Johnson and Stafford. Sanders and Johnson retired because of how terrible the organization was. Stafford was traded and literally (correct use of the term) won the Super Bowl the following year.


Overpowered but always loyal Lions fans (and Tigers, Wings, Pistons, and Wolverines – I guess that’s when the hospital injected that loyalty into your veins when you were born in Michigan/Detroit).


Yes, it’s very early, but Bryan needs to remember that this Lions team has won six of its last seven games dating back to December 1, 2022. Try to enjoy the ride a little, Lions fans. Don’t be too fatalistic. Be like Browns fans who think they’re going to the Super Bowl After winning the first week for only the third time since 1998!

The tip hits the wall

Remember: screenshots We’re not against tipping, but many of us are against ridiculous tip requests from people who offer us a drink Or a self-service kiosk that asks for a tip.

Posted by economics professor Jared B. This message:

“After holding steady for years, tips at full-service restaurants fell to 19.4% in the second quarter of 2023, according to online restaurant platform Toast’s latest restaurant trends report, marking the lowest average since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sunset art

• “In a sane part of Illinois” Paul writes:

Joe, just wanted to write about pictures of sunrises and sunsets. I’ve been more of a sunset guy my whole life. I think this comes from the fact that I lived on the western edge of a city in southern Minnesota. My father’s house faced directly west, and there was nothing between our house and the next town, which was more than 10 miles away, but fields of corn and beans. I loved being able to see the city and the lights by looking out our windows at night, and this is where I fell in love with the amazing sunsets.

It was a good year for sunrise and sunset opportunities. We took a trip with my parents to Hawaii in February. The 49th state of Hawaii has been crossed off my list. Only Alaska remains. It was a great trip. My father is now 81 and my mother is 76. My youngest son turned one during the trip. It was great memories for us to be able to spend with my family. I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to do things like this. We caught the sunset on Maui, the sunrise at Haleakala National Park, which was an amazing experience, and we watched the sunrise on the east side of Oahu. I have attached pictures of sunrise and sunset.

Currently, I live in the country south of Chicago and I am once again surrounded by fields of corn and beans. I love watching the sunset. I always told my wife that I don’t like living in the woods because you can’t see anything. She grew up in Wisconsin and didn’t know what I meant until we moved here. I fell in love with the sunset over an ocean of land too. I’m partial to sunsets over the Earth’s ocean. Add corn and beans that are starting to brown, it’s magical. I will attach the photos I got of the sunset here this summer.

I have some landscaping projects to get done this coming weekend. I’m going to supervise and reseed some of the grass. I planted a bunch of grass in the spring, but it was completely dry here in May and June. Plus the shadow was too thick in one place, so I’ll try again.

I will also be completing the vision my father-in-law had for my home. He was a landscape designer and retired two years ago. This spring, he came up with a simple diagram and ideas for what to plant around our front porch. He left it here in case he could help me with that later. We were all set to plant these things on a weekend in August, but he had a series of strokes the weekend before we planted them. It was Tuesday before they came. His funeral ended up being the day we would plant his landscaping ideas. I will ask my two older sons to help me implement my grandfather’s ideas and we will cherish the memory of their grandfather together.

It’s been a crazy month with my father-in-law passing away. I haven’t been following screenshots much, but I saw today’s release and decided to write. I second Jess’s recommendation for Brave. Great browser. I also became addicted to the Clean Grid Challenge. It is released at the exact same time as Screencaps. If you haven’t checked the net, give it a try and you’ll see where a lot of my online time has gone these days.

Enjoy the column and tips on landscapes and real-life objects.

Shearing in England

• Ken S. in North Augusta, South Carolina gives us another report on shearing from England:

Checking my final report from England. After completing our long (and exhausting) walk on Offa’s Dyke Path, we rewarded ourselves with some luxury, booking into a country hotel in Hampshire, near Winchester.

The first picture is Winchester Cathedral…great work. The second photo is the ruins of a 14th century chapel in the hotel grounds, and the third is what I was looking for – proof that the Brits could be contenders in the Thursday night mowing league!

I took a photo of the hotel entrance on Friday – look at those lines! One thing is for sure – the British can grow meadows!

I’ll be home tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my garden. Maybe you’re a little concerned about how the contractor will handle the liability!

“Christmas Creep”

• Steve in Baton Rouge wrote:

It has been a very long, hot summer, even for this far south, so allowing thoughts of cooler days and nights is a very real temptation. Then I saw this on the shelves of my local Winn Dixie store last weekend. I was texting back and forth with my brother about Halloween creepiness and then this happened. The threat to summer is stronger than you imagine!!

Keep up the great work.


Do any of you drink eggs in September? Is there a mixed drink you’re not aware of this time of year that needs the secret ingredient? Is TikTok to blame?

Respect summer

• John L. wrote:

It was towed to Nantucket last Sunday for two weeks on the island. Fortunately, Instagram influencers generally leave by Labor Day. We’ll see what Hurricane Lee stirs up.


Meanwhile, in Southeast Michigan:

Qatar quotes

• John wrote in Milford, Michigan:

Good quote from Tug McGraw in today’s Screencaps, but this might be his magnum opus.

Aaron Rodgers’ preference for turf (in both directions) is certainly more evident.

That’s all for this edition.

Organize those fantasy football rosters. Be sure to realize that a hurricane could hit New England. Let’s have a strong day in mid-September. Enjoy the daylight, sunsets, patio cocktails and another day of life.

takes care.


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