Hot weather is set to return to France this week

France is set to see another bout of warm weather towards the end of this week, with temperatures across the country rising significantly above September averages.

Forecasters say a warm flow of air rising north from the Mediterranean is the reason for the rise.

Temperatures will rise after the storms that are currently sweeping most of France leave.

There are 83 departments facing Category 2 storm warnings throughout Tuesday (September 12), with some warnings remaining into Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, overnight temperatures could reach 18°C ​​in most parts of the country, with daytime temperatures rising to 28°C.

However, on weekends, this temperature may rise to 19°C and 30°C respectively.

However, any further official heatwave is unlikely (Heat waveWarnings will be announced even if temperatures are higher than average.

The storms will need to pass first

Tuesday’s storms should pass before temperatures rise again.

The current batch of storms sweeping France has left temperatures around 5°C lower than at the start of the week, although they will still be above seasonal averages for September.

As storms move eastward throughout the day, a number of departments will face Level 2 warnings, with 83 departments overall facing storm warnings at some point.

You can see the full list of departments facing warnings on the official website Meteorology France website.

If you click on the “orange” tab on the right side and then on the play button below the map, a video of the map will play showing how warnings will change throughout the day.

Wednesday will see some warnings remain in place – largely in the east – before the storm moves further across Europe by the end of the day.

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The end of the storms brings more heat

When the storms end, temperatures will again rise 3 or 4 degrees Celsius above seasonal averages.

This means temperatures of up to 30°C could be recorded – most likely in the south but possibly in the north – and almost all of France will see temperatures at 20°C or higher.

Most places will see maximum daytime temperatures between 26°C and 29°C over the weekend.

Night temperatures are expected to range between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius until Sunday.

Next week will start with more storms that are expected to drop temperatures to seasonal averages, after which they are unlikely to rise significantly again.

Meteorologists expect this to be the third warmest September ever recorded in France.

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