How and where to beat the late summer heat in Mississauga

With a late-summer heatwave blanketing Mississauga and much of southern Ontario, city officials are urging people to take advantage of a number of places in the city to keep cool.

Of course, air-conditioned indoor spaces are ideal places to wait out the scorching few days that have prompted Environment Canada’s heat warnings.

However, if you find yourself abroad for any length of time, Mississauga officials have some suggestions. Seeking shade in parks or anywhere else for temporary relief or visiting one of the city’s 32 splash pads, seven outdoor pools or the fountain at Celebration Square in the heart of downtown are some of the places to consider.

Spray pads throughout Mississauga operate long hours, 9am-11pm, and the Celebration Square fountain and wading pool are open 10am-8pm daily.

When temperatures get too hot to expect, the city provides residents with places to stay cool. This includes visiting one of the indoor swimming pools, air-conditioned libraries and community centres. When Peel issues heat warnings, residents are encouraged to call before visiting one. These locations, where operating hours may vary.

Officials are also reminding people to make sure their dogs and cats are kept cool and comfortable and not left inside parked cars.

For more information on the locations of splash pads and pools, click the link in the social media post below.

Sweltering temperatures are expected to continue into Wednesday before things cool down a bit for the remaining two days of the week, according to Environment Canada.

On Tuesday the temperature reached 34°C, which was closer to 42°C with the humidity. Wednesday is expected to see a high of 30°C, which is similar to 40°C.

Wednesday evening will bring a mixture of sun and clouds, along with a 30 percent chance of rain. Wednesday night’s weather break should bring some relief, with Environment Canada calling for rain and cool temperatures of around 18C.

It is possible that the heat wave will be followed by thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday, and temperatures are expected to reach 25 degrees Celsius, and drop to 12 degrees Celsius by Friday evening, with a mixture of sun and clouds, and maximum temperatures are expected to reach about 20 degrees Celsius. in the weekend.

The risks of extreme heat are greatest for young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and people who work or exercise outdoors.

People who will be spending time outdoors are advised to drink plenty of water before feeling thirsty and to stay in a cool place.

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