How cold will it be this week in Philadelphia, and who will get the most snow?

How cold will it be this week in Philadelphia, and who will get the most snow?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The following weather advisory is currently in effect through Sunday as the Delaware Valley prepares for an extended period of dangerous cold and some accumulating snow.

What we track

A wave of arctic air has settled over the region, and another round of rotating cold air is set to move in during the week. The breezy conditions will eventually subside midweek, but get ready to dress up for serious Friday wind chills into the weekend.

We’re also looking at snow accumulation Monday night into Tuesday, and then again on Friday.

A winter weather advisory goes into effect for the entire area Monday night through Tuesday afternoon.

Effects of cold weather this week – CBS Philadelphia

CBS Philadelphia

Dangerously cold temperatures

If you prefer warm weather, this will not be welcome news. This week the area will see some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in several years. Monday through Thursday, temperatures will struggle to get above freezing, with wind chills making it feel like the teens and single digits. In the Poconos, it will feel like it’s below zero at times.

The coldest days of the week are Wednesday, high 23 and low 16, and Saturday high 27 and low 18 degrees.

Cold air can lead to frostbite, burst pipes, frozen standing water, car problems, and even fires caused by improper use of heaters or stoves.

Cold and ice preparations

CBS Philadelphia

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First round of snow

The first round of snow begins around 7 p.m. Monday along the Jersey Shore, with significant amounts of snow falling near 10 p.m.

Across Philadelphia, snow will fall overnight and continue until midday Tuesday.

Across South Jersey, Delaware and the I-95 corridor, we are seeing about 1-3 inches of snow. Areas to the north and west could see 2 to 4 inches with up to 5 inches at higher elevations, although meteorologist Kate Belew says some locations could see smaller amounts of snow if pockets of dry air mix with This system.

Snowfall forecast for Monday morning, January 15, 2024

CBS Philadelphia

Second round of snow

The next batch of snow will mostly occur later Friday. According to Kate, this system is “very complex” and could end up being just snow showers, but there is also the possibility of more snow falling.

The path and timing of the storm could change before Friday night, so stay tuned to CBS Philadelphia for the latest forecast updates.

Snowfall forecast for Monday morning, January 15, 2024

CBS Philadelphia

Winter storm forecast for Friday, January 19

CBS Philadelphia

7 day forecast:

7-day weather forecast, January 15, 2024

CBS Philadelphia

Monday: Height 31

Tuesday: The maximum is 35 and the minimum is 28

Wednesday: The largest is 28 and the smallest is 17

Thursday: The largest is 32 and the smallest is 21

Friday: The greatest is 31 and the least is 27

Saturday: The largest is 26 and the smallest is 18

Sunday: Height 29

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