How hot will it be this week?

By Peter Vincent for Daily Mail Australia and Duncan Evans for NCA Newswire

02:37 18 September 2023, updated 06:42 18 September 2023

A heatwave across Australia is expected to break September temperature records and hit millions of Australians through Wednesday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a “severe heatwave” warning for the NSW south coast, warning temperatures in the low to mid-30s will persist until mid-week.

“These temperatures are about 10 to 15 degrees above average and persist for an unusually long time for this time of year,” the office stated.

The bureau believes the “unseasonable” September heat is likely to break records for the highest number of days in a row above 30C until a cold front later on Wednesday eases conditions.

Although the waters are cold, unseasonably hot weather is bringing thousands to the beach this week
A couple of beachgoers are seen enjoying a day at busy Bondi Beach as dozens of people cool off in the heatwave
It was very much like summer in Bondi on Saturday even though it was only two weeks into spring
Sydney’s beaches have been crowded since Saturday and are likely to remain that way until Wednesday
The famous Icebergs Club and Swim School in Bondi was popular despite the cold water
Two orange men prepare to cool off in the water at Bondi Beach in Sydney on Saturday
Beachgoers are flocking to the ocean as the hot weather continues until midweek
Cold water enthusiasts usually frequent Bronte Pool at this time of year, but the soaring heat has prompted many overheated locals to venture in.

The heat is affecting South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, and the wave is expected to hit Brisbane on Thursday.

Temperatures in Sydney are expected to reach 33°C on Tuesday and 34°C on Wednesday.

In Australia’s largest city, thousands have flocked to the beaches since Saturday, and despite the unusually cold water, enjoying the early sunshine continues on Monday.

Sea temperatures ranged between 17 and 18 degrees, which is below average despite the hot air temperature.

The bureau expects the maximum temperature to reach 34 degrees Celsius in Brisbane on Thursday.

Health officials warn that children and the elderly face severe health risks from the heat.

NSW Health Protection Executive Director Jeremy McNulty said people should reduce exposure to heat and reduce their physical activity outdoors in the next few days.

“Don’t wait until you feel thirsty before drinking water,” he said.

“It is best to try to avoid the heat of the day by staying indoors and closing the curtains early.

The cold water gave some frightening moments for some beachgoers, but the initial shock wore off after a minute or so
The cool waters were a relief for Sydneysiders of all ages as the heatwave reached its third day
Many Australians took a break from the heat by cooling off on Bondi Beach
The pools surrounding the city were a welcome escape from the heat for many people who don’t enjoy surfing
Australians enjoyed a day out sunbathing as temperatures soared in Sydney over the weekend
One woman took her paddle board for a relaxing ride on the water
The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a “severe heatwave” warning for the NSW south coast, warning temperatures in the low to mid-30s will persist until mid-week.
Sydneysiders seek relief from the hot conditions at the city’s many beaches

“If you don’t have air conditioning, using a fan or dampening your skin with a sponge, spray, or water-soaked towel can help keep you cool.”

Exposure to heat can cause serious illness, hospitalization, and even death.

Multiple bushfires also broke out across Queensland in the dry weather.

Fires broke out near Bundaberg, Townsville and the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.

Residents of the regional town of Miles, about 200 kilometers west of Toowoomba in Queensland, have been warned to prepare to leave their properties after a fire broke out in Ayton Road on Saturday.

The “fast-moving” fire has moved towards Pine Ridge Road, prompting authorities to issue a “prepare to leave” warning at 1.38pm on Saturday.

Sydney’s beaches have been packed for days as a heatwave pushes people onto the sand
Serious lacerations kept Sydney lifesavers on their toes all weekend
The city’s beaches looked like summer all weekend with thousands active in the water and on the sand
The cold waters were welcomed by Sydneysiders with four legs as much as those with two

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