How much water should you drink to beat the extreme heat on the golf course?

How much water should you drink to beat the extreme heat on the golf course?

Playing golf in extreme heat? It is important to stay hydrated. Here’s how much water you should drink daily (and on the golf course).

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It’s hot there. Likes, truly hot. The Midwest in particular has dealt with uncharacteristic and brutal temperatures throughout most of the summer and especially the last couple of days, while other areas (like Phoenix, for example) were already hot and are now getting hotter.

First, you have to be careful out there. This includes doing anything outside the home, such as working in the yard, running, watching baseball games, or playing golf.

But as anyone who lives in the Midwest knows all too well, even heat like this won’t do much to keep golfers off the course. But it’s important to be prepared.

The smartest thing is you Can And He should To do in the course is to drink water. According to the National Academy of Medicine, men should drink 104 ounces of fluid daily, and women should drink 72 ounces. However, this number should be increased in hotter climates and/or during physical activity.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all formula either. Yes, it depends on your climate, weather and physical exertion, but also on things like age, gender and what is best for your body.

Here’s what the National Academy of Medicine uses as a guide for daily water intake:

National Academy of Medicine

So, if this is your daily guide, just realize that you need to add to it when needed — like if you were playing 18 holes of golf in steamy temperatures. Bonus: You can also get other beneficial fluids from other drinks and foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Here’s another good guide via Crystal Scott, a registered dietitian, talk to luck earlier this year about the importance of hydration.

“(Drinking) half your body weight in ounces is a great starting point,” she said. “So for a 200-pound person, our first goal would be 100 ounces. And let’s say they’re only drinking 20 ounces of fluid a day. So, every week, we want to increase about 8 to 10 ounces a week, slowly and steadily. Because if you’re hydrating yourself quickly Large, people may feel really waterlogged.

It’s also important to drink plenty of water before and after physical activity or braving the heat, not just during the activity. Warning signs that you may need to drink more water include fatigue or confusion, and if you’re drinking a lot and never feel thirsty, that’s a good sign. This means you are hydrated.

As for drinking alcohol on course? According to studies, it can increase the possibility of dehydration, but drinking it (in moderation) with food and also mixing it in water can help prevent this.

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