How not to miss the radar by configuring Google Maps

How not to miss the radar by configuring Google Maps

Google Maps, as well as others like Waze or Apple Maps, have the function of notifying you of speed cameras, Although this is not activated by default, therefore, each of us must configure it on our mobile phone to be notified of the various DGT speedometers.


All of these applications will be able to help us avoid making a mistake that could cost us dearly by exceeding the speed limit. There is no doubt that fixed speed cameras are one of the biggest causes of fines, despite knowing their locationIt never hurts for the app to remind us. Moreover, if we are lucky enough that our car is equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, this will help us even more, as it will be easier to see these radars on the screen of our car.

Most people already bike using a GPS.

Waze Maps

This depends a little on taste or habits, There are even people who prefer a car’s navigation system or an Apple device, although we only recently told you that What are the features of the Violet application? Compared to the American company. However, it is safe to say that all of them can provide us with great assistance, being able to offer different routes in the event of interruptions or traffic jams.

Google Maps

One of its functions, such as radar warning, is not known to all its users. This application is able to warn us if we will enter the area controlled by the speed radar, In addition to showing the position of speedometers, both fixed ones controlled by the application, and portable ones that are reported by users From the application itself.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly We must determine the path we will take, Enter the destination and choose the car as a means of transportation.
  • after that, We must press the button located in the upper right corner and choose the “Traffic” option, The Maps application displays information related to the car’s trip exclusively.
  • After doing this, The app will display information relevant to our trip, such as the location of gas stations and service areas, In different colors depending on traffic and offering slower alternatives that reduce consumption.
  • Later, Fixed speed cameras will appear with an orange icon with the camera logo. These radars do not change their location, and despite those of us who know them, Google Maps can help us remember them.
  • It should be noted that mobile radars will be displayed in blue. This code will be accompanied by a number with users who reported to the said radar. It is advisable to see them before the trip or have our companion inform us about them.

With all this, when we start our route or journey, the application will automatically notify us when we approach these radars as long as we activate the audio notifications that appear on the home screen.

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