How to beat a harrier

How to beat a harrier

Fighting with Harrier in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Patriots It is the last challenge that players will face before they can enter Shell-2. With Iroqois Pliskin as a backup and the newly acquired Stinger perfect for striking back, it’s time to stop Vamp.

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Grab a Harrier in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Patriots It will require Raiden to take cover and choose his moments wisely, slowly depleting the Harrier’s health bar with guided missiles from the Stinger. This guide will cover the strategies needed to eliminate Harriers.

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How to beat a harrier

When the fight begins, Vamp will prepare to charge the platform in the Harrier. Players should check the radar to see which side they’re on, then take cover behind one of the large tanks on the platform. As long as Raiden has one of the tanks between him and the Harrier, he won’t be able to be vulnerable to Vamp attacks. After the Harrier passes, players must equip the Stinger and aim it at the Harrier, trying to get target lock and fire a missile before it comes back.

Vamp will alternate between three main forms of attack here. The charged attack he opened, exploded with a Gatling gun and a missile launch. Vamp will hover near the platform and start firing the Harrier’s Gatling Guns at Raiden. Players must hide behind the large tank and move while Vamp circles around it to stay out of the line of fire. Once it stops firing, it’s time to aim, stabilize, and fire the needle. If enough players block Vamp’s target, they may be able to sneak a shot while he’s firing, but only if he’s aiming far enough away from Raiden to provide such an opening.

When Vamp hovers on one side of the platform and starts firing missiles, players must take cover behind the tank again, keeping Raiden out of Vamp’s reach until the shot ends. Once it stops shooting, players must grab the Stinger, stabilize it, and fire.

Snake will provide support to Raiden during this battle, providing him with more Stinger ammo and some rations. Grabbing these items where possible is always a good thing, especially if Raiden takes fire from a Gatling gun or gets caught in an explosion.

Snake can also attack Vamp directly after he finishes his missile attack or his Gatling gun attack, taking some of the pressure off Raiden.

MGS2_Harrier Boss 3

After losing enough health, a cutscene will trigger and the Harrier will deploy cluster bombs that will hit the entire platform. Players can avoid this by running to the right and hanging on the edge of the platform immediately after the cutscene ends. This can only happen once during the entire battle. Once per fight, the Harrier can also deploy a heat beam, shooting from directly above the arena. This attack is also preceded by a cutscene and can be dodged by jumping into the hole in the middle of the arena and taking cover somewhere with a roof.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Commercial franchise
Metal equipment

PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita

November 13, 2001




M for adults 17+ due to blood and graphic violence

How long to win
13 hours

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