How to get gold ore in Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos

How to get gold ore in Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos

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  • Lenctenbury Village mines gold ore early in the game

Farming games often have a progression system for a variety of activities, whether you’re cooking, farming, or mining. Since many farming games also fall into the category of life simulation games, it’s no surprise that you’ll have to collect materials, including ore. Resources are needed to craft tools, upgrade them, and help others.


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Some farming games make it easy and predictable to obtain the necessary materials. Others, such as Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos It requires more dedication to obtain the materials. The nature of the game and the endurance mechanics mean that you have to plan your mining trips to get the ore you need.

Lenctenbury Village mines gold ore early in the game

It is not easy to get gold ore During the early stages of the Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos, since Managing stamina and food makes it a tedious process. The good news is that You can get gold from the first areaLinktenbury village.

To get to Lenctenbury Mine, Travel north from the restaurant. There will be some glowing torches letting you know you’re in the right place.

While it is difficult When you are in the first 30 layers of minesFinding gold becomes easier after that. Your best bet if you need any amount of gold ore at the start of the game is to do so Reach levels 30-50 in the mine, although the best chance is between levels 40-50.

You can sometimes Finding gold ore from drilling in circular areas From the map When using the dowsing function in the mine. It will show you the dowsing function All areas with anomalies such as Rough chutes and ladders.

Bronze and gold ore nodes look similar, So always try to extract the node several times first, To find out which one you’ll get. You will save some stamina if you leave the bronze and Continue forward to the other floors of the mine.

Lilikala Mine

Harvest Moon, the avatar of the Winds of Anthos standing in front of the entrance to the Lilikala Mine.  The entrance is a regular tunnel cut into the rock near a grassy area.

You may encounter the Gold Ore Knot in early levels 11 to 20, however They are likely to appear regularly after the 30th floor. In the initial levels of Lilikala Mine, you have a better chance of getting gold from it Drilling in circular areas See from dowsing.

The entrance to the Lilikala Mine is Directly north of the waypoint for the Great Pier. You will need to climb the grassy hill, and The entrance is hidden behind a small plateau Earth shape.

Mining after floor 70 becomes very difficult, with a much greater likelihood of encountering pitfalls. This is not a good level for gold mining, so It is best to stay between floors 40-60 for best results.

South Herbstburg Mine

Harvest Moon, an avatar of the Winds of Anthos standing in front of the entrance to the South Herbstburg Mine.  The mine entrance is a simple tunnel in the rock, with orange and autumn colors on the ground.

The Herbstburg South mine allows you to find gold ore, but using Similar to a slightly lower frequency than at the Lilikala mine. You will start to see clusters of gold ore Around level 35 and beyond.

Once you reach floors 45 to 60, you will find that the gold ore you will find is similar to what you will find in similar levels in the Lilikala Mine, so You can Go to whichever is closest. Your gold ore I will give you about 20-30 ore If you are able to mine floors 40-60.

The Herbstburg South Mine is located a little further south A little east of the village of Herbstburg. It may be difficult to see on the map if you zoom out too much, e.g The waypoint will be on the far right on the map for that area.

You can find a lot of gold ore Between floors 71 and 80, There will be a significant increase in the number of boulders you will need to smash, dowsing circles and falling boulders. this means It will consume a lot of stamina With all the digging you’ll have to do, you’ll be eating a lot Unless you are only mining a few floors Instead of all nine or ten levels.

Unless you have ores or other gems you want to collect, It is best to stay around levels 51-60. Your gold mining will be much easier It will save a lot of time.

North Providence Mine

Harvest Moon, the avatar of the Winds of Anthos standing in front of the entrance to the Providence North Mine.  The entrance is a tunnel carved into the rock and the green grass is in front of the entrance.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find some gold ore clusters in the North Providence Mine around floor 28, but levels 71 onwards have more frequent gold, and there Fewer deadlock tiles to deal with At those levels from the Herbstburg South Mine or the Lilikala Mine.

You can reach Providence North Mine by traveling north from Providence. You will have to Fix the bridge firstand then you will travel through an area known as Giant waterfall.

If you just want to get gold a little faster, Mining one of the other mines To about levels 40-50 might be better. It takes a lot of time and food to reach level 71, so If you decide to prospect for gold here, bring plenty of supplies with you.

Western Zimagrad mine

Harvest Moon, Avatar of the Winds of Anthos standing in front of the entrance to the Western Zimagrad Mine.  The entrance is a tunnel carved into the rock, and the field in front is covered in snow.

Zimagrad may be one of the hardest cities to find It’s a bit of a commute at first, but the mine is great for mining gold ore. If you’re really lucky, You may even find gold As early as level 11.

Zimagrad West Mine is located in the northernmost part of the mapand traveling through the Providence North Mine will eventually take you there.

You won’t need to mine further than levels 30 to 40 before you find a large number of ore, But the levels It is more difficult for me. There are more pitfalls to worry about, therefore You have to do a lot of digging to avoid them.

The number of pitfalls can be very inconvenient, so you may prefer one of the other mines instead. If you decide to mine here but haven’t already unlocked the shortcuts for the different mining levels, You may want to Stay a night or two to make progress.

Harvest Moon, the avatar of the Winds of Anthos standing at the foot of the volcano.  Pieces of lava are scattered in the igneous rocks and a trail can be seen in the distance.

The foot of the volcano is not technically a mineBut it contains clusters of gold ore. It is easily accessible, but the area requires you to Beat the heat with some cooling foods Or drinks to prevent rapid loss of stamina.

You can reach the foot of the volcano by Travel east of the jetties at Lilikala Village. The volcano is large and easily visible, so it will be easy to spot once you are in the Lilikala area.

you will have Lots of options for gold ore miningThe mines are well spaced across the map. You are sure to have a mine nearby wherever you are, and once you visit one, be sure of it Activate waypoint So you can teleport anytime you want.

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