How to get updated weather alerts from WLWT News

How to get updated weather alerts from WLWT News

How to get updated weather alerts from WLWT News

we. Now let's send things over to meteorologist Alison Rogers Alison. Not a good day for walking today. No, not today, especially now. I know if you're starting to get off work or school and want to get outside, enjoy the nice warm air we've been enjoying so much today. Your time is limited as we have thunderstorms now starting to develop across Greater Cincinnati. Especially along the Ohio River. here. I think these will start to become a little more numerous and will likely be the name of the game for the rest of this evening. We now have some thunderstorms that are a little stronger. I'm starting to see some lightning coming with these things. These appear just south of Loop 275. So, this northern cell here is now starting to move toward Florence and the Crestview Hills, and it will likely impact the airport there very soon. So, if you know anyone who has taken a flight or may be traveling by air, this is something you should definitely keep in mind. In addition, we have this other cell here in Switzerland County and Ohio County, Indiana, that started approaching sunrise south of Aurora here. This will move across the river into Boone County, potentially reaching areas of influence around Union. In addition, we have another small cell starting to emerge in Campbell County. This here along 27. If it can stick together and continue to strengthen, which it seems to be starting to do. So I would say head to the new Richmond areas south of Alexandria as well. So, with these little cells starting to appear now, they're probably producing lightning. We see it happening already. Briefly heavy rain and then hail is certainly a possibility, as is the possibility of brief gusty winds as well. Now, as we go through the rest of tonight, keep in mind that we have the potential for severe weather here tonight. SPC brings us minimal risk and enhanced risk to the Greater Cincinnati areas. So we're watching and watching for some of these storms to become strong, if not severe. However, tonight, all severe weather patterns are on the table. However, the tornado threat is at a minimum tonight as we head into tomorrow, however, the potential for severe weather increases, that threat is already starting to increase, especially east of I-75 and then areas near I-70. So, for tomorrow, we already have a moderate risk emanating from SPC. Very rare for us here in this area. It's a level four out of five probability that these storms will become strong enough to become severe. So, throughout the rest of tonight, I'll walk you through the next two hours here in the future broadcast. We will have the potential for scattered showers and thunderstorms, which could become strong if not severe. Then overnight after midnight, we're talking 3:00 AM or so. We'll see a line of rain moving through it. This will provide us with the possibility of some strong winds. Once again, heavy rain is likely overnight. This will likely end at midday tomorrow. So, this will be the second round including what we'll see this evening. This is the number one overnight round. We're talking about heavy rain and thunderstorms. There is still great potential overnight as well. then. This break is at midday tomorrow. This will be key to whether or not we can see the charge reaching our atmosphere. Because if we don't get that break and we end up getting additional rain tomorrow, in the middle of the day, that could throw a little bit of a wrench in the way of potentially severe weather tomorrow. But the timing I really want you to keep in mind is 4 to 9:00 PM tomorrow, because that's when we have the greatest potential for severe weather. All situations are still on the table. We're also talking about the potential for heavy rain, damaging winds, some hail, and then a tornado threat as well. A tornado threat appears more likely. So we'll pick up the future broadcast again here at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, midday break, if that can happen, and we'll start refueling. And starting in the afternoon, around 4:00, we'll see another line of thunderstorms moving across, which will give us the highest probability of seeing strong thunderstorms, some of which could become tornadoes again. Therefore, we will monitor this possibility and move forward over the next 24 hours. This is the right time. To make sure you have ways to receive those warnings for tomorrow and tonight as well. Of course, keep that in mind as well, but especially tomorrow. Make sure you have a way to receive those warnings. Notice the red color here. We have tomorrow as an alert day because we have this moderate risk for severe weather. Again, it's very rare for SPC to include us after tomorrow. It will be even more amazing heading into the next DA

How to get updated weather alerts from WLWT News

Here's a step-by-step guide to signing up for WLWT News' free personalized weather alerts.


Click on navigation

Click on the navigation bar – that's the three lines – at the top left of the screen.


Choose “Customize alerts”

Click “Customize Alerts” at the top of the navigation bar.


Select “Severe Weather”

Next, click “Severe Weather.”

From here, you can customize the weather alerts you want to receive.

Click “Storm Approaching” or “Lightning Nearby” to sign up for these alerts.

You can also choose “My Location” which will send you weather alerts around where you and your phone are.

Or you can choose three zip codes to continue.

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