Hurricane hits Arizona mountains on Sunday

Hurricane hits Arizona mountains on Sunday

Star Valley, Arizona. – Terrifying moments were captured on video Sunday as a tornado struck the mountain communities of Star Valley, Arizona. This is the strongest tornado in the region in a November since 1996.

Residents were shocked when they saw the twisted funnel at an altitude of 5,150 feet.

“I’ve never seen a tornado in the mountains before,” said one parent who watched the scene on his phone.

Strong winds flatten a family’s inflatable Christmas decorations in the front yard.

What is the difference between a hurricane, a water column, a land column, and a dust devil?

The father shouted at his screaming girls: “Come in, girls.”

“I was so scared,” another woman said. “What is happening?”

The tornado was taken by surprise largely because of the myth that tornadoes cannot form on mountains.

“Although conditions would not be ideal for tornado development on mountaintops, tornadoes have been documented to cross the Appalachian Mountains and cross a 10,000-foot mountain in Yellowstone National Park,” the NWS Milwaukee office wrote.

The NWS Flagstaff office had a survey team in Star Valley on Sunday and the damage identified was consistent with winds between 59-105 mph. The tornado cut a path about 100 yards wide for 1.4 miles.

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The weather radar indicated it was a tornado, according to the Storm Prediction Center. NWS storm reports say 20 buildings sustained roof and window damage. When the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released storm reports, local authorities said there were no injuries, but an official told another local media source that the winds had killed a dog.

Residents also reported in the video that several trees had fallen.

The storm system that has sparked violent weather in Arizona will strengthen and create some Thanksgiving travel problems from coast to coast this week.

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