Indy Mayor Candidates Comment on Weekend Mass Shooting – Indianapolis News | Indiana weather | Indiana Traffic

Indy Mayor Candidates Comment on Weekend Mass Shooting – Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather |  Indiana Traffic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Evidence of a shooting was on full display Monday in Indianapolis with boarded-up windows and shattered glass the result of a shooting rampage.

For two weeks in a row, mass shootings have dominated city and police resources.

An argument early Sunday inside a nightclub in the 5900 block of Madison Avenue turned nasty, leading to weapons being drawn and gunfire, police said. A 22-year-old man was killed in a shooting incident inside a bar.

A week earlier, 10 people were shot, one fatally, at a Halloween party.

Just before noon Monday, both Indianapolis mayoral candidates — incumbent Democrat Joe Hogsett and Republican Jefferson Sheriff — asked for voter support at the same location outside the Indianapolis County Building, where early voting was taking place.

“There are a lot of guns on the streets, Richard. Unauthorized loads are allowed. Concealed carry is permitted. Open carry is allowed. “You can buy a gun at 18, and a lot of people who have no legal business owning guns have guns.” Hogsett told I-Team 8.

“It wasn’t unusual,” the sheriff told I-Team 8. “I mean it’s almost become a routine to wake up on a Sunday morning and read these stories on your station. I was coming back from church on Sunday and I pulled up to the scene at Madison Avenue and Edgewood Avenue. Murder “Man, this is a bullet show. Evidence tech collected 200 rounds of ammunition over there on the south side. It’s about a mile from my house.”

Outside the Indianapolis Police Department, the shooting affected dozens of people who were not even present when the shooting occurred.

I-Team 8 asked every business on the nightclub scene to talk about the weekend’s violence. Everyone refused.

Off camera, one person told I-Team 8 he showed up for work Monday morning and was surprised by the window being shot.

Another person off camera told I-Team 8 that bullets hit two windows and penetrated one of the business walls.

“There seems to be a new sense, not of urgency, but a new sense of community responsibility,” Hogsett said. “In other words, I think people are starting to realize that it’s not just the challenge of IMPD or the Office of Public Health and Safety, but our neighborhoods, our parents, our community members, they have a role to play.” .

“But there are no consequences for a lot of gun violence,” Sharif said. We must acknowledge that young people draw weapons, are arrested and are back on the street in a short time. “There are stops in the system, but there have to be consequences that deter people from pulling a gun.”

Polls are scheduled to open from six in the morning until six in the evening on Tuesday for the municipal elections.

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