It starts out cold on Wednesday, not Easter weekend

It starts out cold on Wednesday, not Easter weekend

Wednesday will start out cold, with temperatures in the 20s inland and just above freezing at the beach. We’ll be warming up until Friday. After that, New Jersey should manage to avoid most of the weekend and a cold front.

We’ll start out cold Wednesday morning. For the cities of Hammonton and the Pine Barrens, temperatures will be in the low 20s. Other inland areas will be in the mid 20s. Meanwhile, waters as warm as 50 degrees will cover beach towns, with morning lows just above 32 degrees.

The beach is still facing its first widespread freeze of the year. I don’t expect that to happen until at least next week.

Winds from the southwest will warm us from a cooler than average start into the afternoon. Highs will be in the mid 50s across the region.

Southwest winds Wednesday night will keep above freezing almost everywhere. Expect temperatures in the 30s inland and 40s at the beach.

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These warm winds will mean we move higher on the thermometer for the second half of the week. Both Thursday and Friday will reach levels of the 60s. Expect dry weather on both days, perfect for spending time outside, perhaps even leaving the windows open. Thursday will be mostly sunny, with high cloud cover on Friday.

Once the busy Thanksgiving travel week begins on Friday night, the weather gets a little hairy. A cold, northern front will affect us over the weekend. However, New Jersey will avoid the worst of the weather from these systems.

For the northeast, expect generally light rain throughout the night. The rain is expected to start from 7 to 10 pm on Friday and end by dawn on Saturday. The heaviest rain will be east of the Garden State Parkway, such as in Pleasantville or Wildwood. Inland areas will be mostly dry.

A cold front will then try to bring rain on Saturday morning. If that happens, there will be light rain for a few hours, that’s all. In the afternoon it will be completely dry.

However, the winds will be strong. Sustained wind speeds will range from 20 to 30 mph. Winds will be in the 30s. This will likely cause some delays at Atlantic City International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, or Newark Liberty International Airport. But this will not spread widely. Driving will be fine. You can press the steering wheel over bridges.

Sunday will also be dry. The weather is expected to be breezy, but not stormy on Saturday.

With a cold air wave blowing, temperatures will drop over the weekend. Saturday will be in the upper 50s. Sunday will be in the lower 50s.

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