Keep your trees cool in Delaware this summer

Keep your trees cool in Delaware this summer

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Did you know that trees need protection from the sun, just like us? Here are foolproof tree care tips for this summer in Delaware.

In the summer, we seek shade, and there is no better place to find it than under the canopy of a cool tree. While trees work hard to keep us cool, they need protection from the sun, too.

Dry conditions and abnormally high temperatures leave trees parched. Drought weakens trees and can eventually kill them. To survive, trees need attention during and after droughts.

Make sure the trees are mature and have enough water to survive the dry summer months. Trees generally have enough water if the top 12 inches of soil is moist, says Jason Gaskill, an arborist at Davy Tree.

Tree care tips: 7 ways to ensure your trees get enough water

  1. Insert a long screwdriver into the dirt under the tree. If it is difficult to push, water.
  2. Tree roots are deeper than grass roots, so water them three times as often as you water grass.
  3. The best time to water is in the morning to prevent evaporation.
  4. Avoid spraying the tree trunk because excess moisture can lead to root rot. Instead, mulch the ground toward the edge of the tree canopy.
  5. Place the coffee or soup can in the drip zone, which is the area directly below the leaves. Turn the sprinkler on slowly until 1 inch of water collects in the can.
  6. Undo soil compaction with vertical mulching. Holes are dug and filled with a mixture of compost, sand and silt, which helps rain soak into the soil.
  7. Injecting PP30 or PolyPhosphite 30 into the soil increases the tree’s drought tolerance.

Signs of drought are curling, wilting or small leaves that may turn brown at the tips or edges.

Gaskill says tree health is also enhanced by adding 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the tree. The mulch should be pulled back 6 inches from the tree trunk in a saucer-like manner. “Please do not place mulch in a volcano. This can harm and even kill trees over time, because it encourages girding and reduces air circulation,” explains Gaskill.

Besides watering trees properly, Gaskell recommends these four large canopy trees for Delaware landscapes. These trees are hardy, tolerant of urban and suburban conditions, low maintenance and able to withstand drought conditions.

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4 types of trees that will survive the Delaware environment

  1. Disease-resistant varieties of American elm
  2. Black tupelo
  3. Swamp white oak
  4. Original maple

Following these guidelines will ensure that your trees survive the scorching heat of summer and can continue to be the most valuable assets in your landscape.

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