Kentucky, Southern Indiana Weather Forecast: WHAS11 in Louisville

Kentucky, Southern Indiana Weather Forecast: WHAS11 in Louisville

Strong to severe storms are expected across central Kentucky and southern Indiana today and tomorrow.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Storm Prediction Center kept central Kentucky and southern Indiana at an increased risk for severe weather Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is abundant moisture and energy in the atmosphere and on the surface for wind, hail, very heavy rain, and some hurricanes today and tomorrow.

timetable: That's when severe weather will move through Louisville, southern Indiana this week.

existing: Current severe weather watches and warnings for Kentucky, Southern Indiana. what do you know.

Some midday and early afternoon storms today will stop (possibly non-severe) by mid-afternoon. Our skies will clear and afternoon sunshine will give way to isolated severe storms Tuesday evening and possibly into the night.

Most cities will be calm and dry but quite humid and foggy to open Wednesday morning. As we reach the afternoon hours tomorrow, eyes will be toward our west and southwest.

The warm front will finally swing into Kentuckiana just in time for the 2pm-4pm time frame tomorrow. To go along with the daytime heating, several heavy showers and some severe storms will organize and push into Louisville and surrounding places mid to late Wednesday afternoon.

Keep in mind that very heavy rainfall will also result in the possibility of flash flooding!

The model forecast calls for 2 to 4 inches of rain to impact the area with storms from approximately 4pm to 10pm on Wednesday.

There is a relatively high concern for a few tornadoes and very strong winds as well as heavy rain.

Please make sure you have a severe weather safety kit, plenty of water, and a reliable way to receive severe weather alerts and updates. For additional tips on preparing for storms, click here.

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For the rest of the week…

Calmer conditions await us as we head into Thursday and Friday.

A stray rain shower early Thursday morning may pass through the South but sunshine and low humidity await over the weekend. We may get some rain on Saturday, but most of the weekend will remain calm and comfortable.

today: Showers and storms in the middle of the day. The weather will then turn partly to mostly cloudy and warm with strong to severe storms later in the day. High: 83 degrees. Wind: Southwest 10-20 mph.

Tonight: Strong to severe storms are possible. Mainly before midnight. Low: 66 degrees. Wind: Southwest 5-15 mph.

tomorrow: Storms develop during the afternoon hours. Storms may produce severe weather. High: 86 degrees. Wind: South 5-15 mph.

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