Klutch downplays Zach LaVine’s incident after the match

Klutch downplays Zach LaVine’s incident after the match

Even though the Chicago Bulls stumbled in three games and closed a 21-point deficit to beat the Miami Heat, Zach LaVine didn’t look happy. Cameras caught the two-time All-Star quickly walking off the field Saturday night, even ignoring a public relations staffer who tried to grab him for a postgame interview.

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Lavin described the sniffing as just a “misunderstanding” after the match, but at the same time, Joe Cawley of the Chicago Sun-Times reported Neither the organization nor the technical staff are satisfied with his actions. LaVine’s agency has now spoken out about the situation, claiming that the microscope LaVine is under due to his business talks is turning this incident into something it is not.

Here’s what Shams Charania told him Klutch CEO Rich Paul on Monday’s Run It Back episode on Fanduel TV:

“(This) has been blown out of proportion,” Paul reportedly told Charania. “This actually happens more than once. It’s just the timing of trade talks that makes them lead to something they’re not. Players run away, avoiding post-match interviews all the time.

If Ball is right about one thing, it’s that LaVine’s involvement in trade rumors will undoubtedly impact the amount of attention a moment like this gets. I can’t deny that. But this does not necessarily mean that people are overestimating the matter.

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In fact, even former NBA player Chandler Parsons seemed shocked to see LaVine’s footage. As he shared his thoughts, another NBA vet, Lou Williams, nodded and smiled in agreement.

“First of all, the post-game interview, Sun, was crazy,” Parsons said. “Normally, you don’t turn down on-pitch interviews in front of everyone because even if he’s not involved in trade rumors, it’s a bad idea to do that and come out like that. So I wouldn’t say that’s the norm. Yes, press conference. Yes, showers, not talking “To the media, and just inside the locker room. It’s common. I’ve played that game before. On the field it’s different.”

While Rich Paul can downplay the incident all he wants, I think it speaks volumes when former players have this type of response. Regardless of LaVine’s motivation, it gives us more insight that, yes, it was a strange decision.

Anyway, I’m sure the bulls just want to move on from this and stay out of the headlines for the foreseeable future. LaVine may also have learned a valuable lesson, which is that — justified or not — he will be under a major microscope for the foreseeable future.

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