Knoxville WATE weather forecast

Knoxville WATE weather forecast

Ken Weathers, Victoria Cavaliere, Margot Altshuler, and Matt Condon

1 year ago

After a few dry and mild days, the unstable pattern returns at the weekend.

  • Tonight: Clouds increase during the night as temperatures rise. Low: 62 degrees.
  • Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and few storms (40%). High: 78 degrees.
  • Friday night: Periods of rain and some lingering rumble (60%). Low: 64 degrees.
  • Saturday: Occasional showers and some storms during the day (70%). High: 77 degrees.

It has been a nice period of mainly sunny, dry and mild days lately, but we will see the pattern become more unstable as we head into the weekend.

Clouds will increase across the area tonight which will keep overnight readings on the moderate side. Most areas will only drop into the lower 60s when we start Friday.

It will be a good idea to bring an umbrella before you leave the house in the morning as we will see some scattered showers and some possible storms during the day. Not everyone will see it, but those who do may experience some heavy rain at times. Due to increased cloud cover and precipitation chances, afternoon temperatures will remain in the low to upper 70s. If your area stays dry all day, you could pass the 80 degree mark late in the day.

Chances of rain and even some non-severe storms will increase overnight Friday as lows drop back into the low to mid 60s in most areas.

Saturday will have the highest rain and shower chances of the weekend as chances will continue throughout most of the daylight hours.

Once again, daytime temperatures will be in the 70s mainly due to increased cloud cover and rain chances.

There should be less chance of rain through Saturday night, but the clouds will still be very stubborn. This will keep overnight temperatures about 10 degrees above average, with most only dipping below 60 degrees.

There will be some additional rain and storm chances on Sunday, but they appear less likely than Saturday. This might be the slightly better day of the two this weekend to make some dry spells for outdoor plans. With at least a few breaks in the clouds at times, afternoon readings should rise again near the 80 degree mark.

We will continue to see an unstable weather pattern as the new work week begins as well. It won't rain constantly, but there will be chances of rain almost every day next week.

Scattered rain and some storms are expected again Monday with highs near 80 degrees. Although not everyone will see rain, there is a small chance that some storms will contain some gusty winds and small hail. We will monitor this carefully.

Some intermittent rain and storms appear possible overnight Monday into early Tuesday as well, especially for areas to the north along the Tennessee/Kentucky border areas.

Rain and storm chances on Wednesday appear limited and mainly limited to the afternoon and evening hours, before that conditions look breezy and warm with high temperatures reaching the mid-80s for many.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Wednesday-Thursday overnight time frame, as there are some indications that if a few things come together, we could see some stronger storms. This is still far away and uncertain, but we will be watching to see how this might develop over the weekend and into early next week.

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