Leander based Stock Tank Love provides relief from hot summer days

Farmers have long known the summer balm of converting their livestock feed tanks into swimming spots, and now the average Texan can do it, too.

Stock Tank Love is an online pool seller headquartered in Leander that sells and installs metal and poly plastic tanks for backyard swimming.

With Texas recording its second warmest summer yet in 2023, stock tank baths have become a popular way to beat the heat without spending a lot of money, according to the company.

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While traditional in-ground pools can cost homeowners anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 to build, Stock Tank Love sells pool packages that range from $1,020 to $4,655, depending on the material, size and installation method used.

“It turns out people want a pool in their backyard, and that won’t put them into debt,” said Lily Matocha, co-founder and owner of Stock Tank Love.

Matocha said his pools take an average of two to three weeks to ship within Texas and only a few hours to install on flat ground.

Compared to other in-ground pool alternatives, stock tanks also offer greater durability than inflatable or vinyl pools, Matocha said.

Additionally, Stock Tank Love can collaborate with customers to create pools, decks and indoor accessories to fit the aesthetics of their backyard, she said.


In 2017, Matocha was pregnant with her son, and was browsing Pinterest boards for backyard projects.

“I didn’t want to have to go borrow other people’s pools or be in public at that time,” Matocha said. “I pitched the stock tank idea to my husband and said, ‘If you don’t build this for me, I’ll do it myself.’”

After enjoying his stock tank pool, Matocha’s husband, Vince, sold a few more tanks on Craigslist with great success. In 2020, the duo launched Stock Tank Love in the midst of the pandemic-induced DIY boom.

Despite the inventory setbacks, Matocha said she has sold hundreds of pools since launching and recently expanded her business to Florida.

More details

  • Stock Tank Love uses recycled glass media filters that only need to be changed once or twice a month, according to Matocha.
  • In Texas, stock tank pools are often considered “temporary mobile structures” and therefore do not require a permit to install like traditional in-ground pools, according to Matocha. However, homeowners should still consult their local HOA guidelines to ensure their plans are in compliance.
  • Stock Tank Love offers chlorine water alternatives for those with sensitive skin.

Quote from the memo

“I literally cried when I first got the pool,” Matocha said. “I always tell people, ‘Once you’re floating on the water with your music playing, you don’t care how deep the water is underneath you.’”

Stock Tank Love is an Internet-based company but has headquarters and a warehouse at 607 Leander Drive, Ste. 410, Leander.


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