Lines of snow are expected to end in New York City and Philadelphia on Tuesday

Lines of snow are expected to end in New York City and Philadelphia on Tuesday

New York – It’s been nearly two years, but some notable snow-free lines in major cities along the Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast, including New York City and Philadelphia, are finally at risk of breaking as the chances of winter weather impacting millions in the United States continue to increase. region.

Baltimore broke its snowless streak by Monday evening, stopping the record for days without an inch of snow at 716. Baltimore schools have already announced a delayed opening.

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The same low pressure area that brought snow and ice to the south is moving out of the area on Monday. A new low is forming off the coast and moving toward the northeast and New England.

This low pressure area will spread accumulating snow along much of the I-95 corridor from Washington to Boston.

“One to three inches of snow is expected, primarily from Washington, D.C., then heading up I-95 through the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, New York City and all the way to Boston,” FOX Meteorologist Michael Estime said. “I think we could see 1 to 3 inches.”

Snowfall is crucial for long-term drought mitigation

This type of snow forecast has not been seen in the New York City area so far this year or last year.

“Every (storm) went very far to the east or even north,” Fox Weather meteorologist Bob Van Dillen said. “It was very warm.”

As of Monday, it had been 700 days since New York City had seen an inch of snow fall in 24 hours. Philadelphia has been longer (715 days).

How much snow does one inch of rain produce?

Which Northeastern cities will see snow?

“Meteorologically, this is an open wave. It’s moving very quickly, but it will have enough cold air and enough moisture for measurable snowfall, even along the 95 corridor,” said Tom Niziol, FOX Weather’s winter storm specialist.

An open wave is a broad area of ​​low pressure moving from west to east with no distinct center of low pressure at the surface.

The tricky part is the rain/snow line. If New York and Philadelphia start out with snow and then turn to rain and melt, the record extension continues.

How cold is it?

“(It’s) not a big storm. You might see a few inches here or there, in that area,” Niziol continued. “It could break the record for days with less than an inch of snow in Philly and New York. I don’t see major impacts here, but any snowfall that happens at the right time of day along the major metropolitan corridor, like 95, could break records. Be Impactful “

Much of the I-95 corridor across the Mid-Atlantic could see treacherous driving. Unfortunately, slippery conditions begin Monday evening, just as anyone who traveled for a three-day weekend is heading home. Snow, rain and ice will continue until Tuesday, creating travel difficulty as most people return to work and school.

The heavy snow will peak Tuesday morning as the low parallels the Northeast coast, according to the FOX Forecast Center. Morning commuters may face difficult conditions due to low visibility. The snow will end Tuesday evening in New England with temperatures remaining freezing for the rest of the week.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories extending from Texas and the Gulf Coast all the way into northeastern and southern New England.

How to watch Fox Weather

So far, New York City has had 8.6 inches less than its average snowfall this season and more than 2 feet in the red compared to last season. Boston is one foot below average this season and three feet below last season, while Philadelphia is 6.2 inches below average and just over two feet below last season.

How much snow does your city typically fall in one year?

The long-term outlook is hopeful

If we can’t get an inch of snow from this weather system, keep an eye on the forecast later this week for more hope.

“There are suggestions that we will see the same pattern, the same track,” Niziol said. “Another storm coming out of the Gulf and heading northeast toward the Atlantic Ocean and the East Coast.” “It’s still a bit far off, that energy coming out in the Aleutian Islands now, to really detail what’s going to happen there. But stay tuned as we get into the weekend in the mid-Atlantic and into the Northeast for what could be a more significant winter weather event there.” “

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