Live weather coverage of Brockton and Taunton brush due to Hurricane Lee

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Good morning! Enterprise and Gazette are monitoring the storm and will provide you with live updates when needed. So far we haven’t heard much regarding storm damage from wind or rain associated with what was formerly known as Hurricane Lee.

There was a power outage affecting about 1,450 people on Brockton’s east side Friday night, but according to Eversource’s outage map, service has been restored for those customers.

Hurricane Lee made landfall Friday morning after a 10-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean where it spent several hours as a Category 5 hurricane. The storm will continue to batter eastern New England and Atlantic Canada on Saturday, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and strong waves.

The worst conditions began late Friday as Lee “tracked more than 100 miles to the east Saturday morning,” AccuWeather hurricane expert Dan Kotlowski said.

Lee completed its transition from a hurricane to a subtropical cyclone this morning, still packing winds of 80 mph.

What is a “post-tropical cyclone”?

When a hurricane loses its tropical characteristics and becomes more “extratropical,” it is associated with larger fronts and wind fields, said Sarah Johnson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray/Portland, Maine. “Please do not let the naming convention detract from a still dangerous storm that is expected to bring strong winds and dangerous seas to the area,” Johnson said.

Hurricane Lee – still strong: What is a subtropical storm and how does it differ from a tropical or extratropical system?

How big is Hurricane Lee? It is as wide as Montana and 15 Rhode Island

Is Brockton in a hurricane evacuation zone?

According to MEMA, hurricane evacuation may become necessary when there is a risk of a storm surge. “The destructive power of storms and large waves is often the greatest threat to life and property,” the agency wrote on its website.

However, Brockton, Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Stoughton, Easton and Raynham are not in the hurricane evacuation zone.

The coastal city of Plymouth is in Hurricane Evacuation Zone A, meaning it is in an area at increased risk of flooding from storm surges.

How can Brockton residents stay informed about hurricane information?

Residents will automatically receive emergency alerts and weather warnings through radio, television and their cell phones through the nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). NOAA’s weather radio also provides emergency weather alerts and warnings. Follow Mima on Twitter and Facebook, and call 211 for non-emergency assistance in Massachusetts. For local information, follow Brockton Emergency Management Agency at Twitter and Facebook.

How should I prepare for a power outage?

MEMA recommends making sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and equipped with new batteries before an impending hurricane. Charge all electronic devices and contact your medical provider and utility companies before the end of this week if your life-supporting medical equipment relies on electricity. Call Massachusetts National Grid (800-465-1212) to report a power outage during the storm.

USA Today’s Dina Bolvar and Enterprise’s Amelia Stern contributed to this story.

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