Live weather updates amid road closures as Met Office issues urgent 14-hour flood warning

Bristol faces ten hours of rain today after flooding has already caused chaos across the west of the country. Rain is expected between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Central Scotland, northwest England and most parts of Wales were hit by heavy rain on Tuesday, and more is expected today. Meteorologists warned that “heavy rains may lead to some flash floods and disrupt travel.”

“Flooding is likely to occur at a small number of homes and businesses” and that “some disruption to power supplies and other services is likely.”

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This comes at a time when the remnants of Hurricane Lee hit Britain on Tuesday and until today. Strong winds have already caused part of the M48 Severns Bridge to be closed. “Everyone goes east on J2 or west on J1, around the roundabouts and back across the bridge, which remains open. The usual restrictions in case the bridge needs to be closed quickly if crosswinds get worse,” Enrix says.

Floods have already swept across large areas of the west of the country, forcing businesses to close and blocking main roads. Butlins was closed for four days after floods hit the resort and Exeter Airport was also forced to turn away travellers.

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Lightning bolt

Two homes suffered major damage after being struck by lightning. A lightning strike – causing a fire – struck the properties during the early hours of Monday 18 September.

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Strong gusts

“The post-tropical depression will also bring stormy conditions for the rest of the week, with storms developing to the west and northwest with post-tropical Storm Lee arriving to the northwest on Wednesday,” Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis wrote on his blog. “Autumn is certainly making itself felt.” this week.”

Low pressure is moving towards the UK(Image: WxCharts)

Traffic and travel

Current closed roads include:

  • 1: M48 Severn Bridge – Gloucestershire – both directions – Monmouthshire

Strong winds and restrictions on the M48 Severn Bridge in both directions between J2 A466 Wye Valley Link Road (Chepstow) and J1 A403 (Australia). Everyone heads east at J2 or west at J1, around the roundabouts and back across the bridge, which remains open. The usual restrictions should the bridge need to be closed quickly if crosswinds worsen.

  • 2: M5 – Somerset – South

The service area is closed on the M5 Southbound at Strowland Lane (Sedgemoor services). Sedgemoor services are located between J21 and J22 on the M5.

Flood warning for Bristol

A flood warning has been issued for the Bristol area with residents warned to ‘prepare’. This comes as the Met Office expects 10 hours of heavy rain to hit the city tomorrow (September 20).

The alert, issued by the Environment Agency, says flooding is possible in the Severn Estuary in the Severn Beach area. The authorities called on citizens to avoid low-lying paths and areas prone to flooding.

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Floods in the western country

This week’s floods have already caused chaos across the west of the country.

Bristol forecast

Heavy rain is expected for most of the day.

Heavy rain is expected for most of the day(Image: Met Office)

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