Living Memories Festival 2023 – Vengaboys, Blazin’ Squad, specific times, weather forecast and more

Festival of Memories returns to Merseyside today with a host of artists including Lee Butler, Klass and Heather Small.

The festival returns to Shirdley Park in St Helens today (September 9), where last year saw the likes of Five and Liberty X take to the stage. This year, festival-goers will be able to see everything from massive DJ sets to some of the biggest names from the ’90s and ’00s.

There will be over 150 of the world’s best DJs and artists performing across seven arenas today, with a mix of live acts, DJs and MCs. The massive lineup of old school dance and ’90s pop included DJ sets from Dave Pearce, Jeremy Healy, John Blessed, Right, John Kelly, Rob Tissera, Lisa Pin Up, Slipmat, Tall Bull and Lee Butler.

Read more: Festival of Memories 2023: location, full line-up, parking, prohibited items and opening times

Our reporters are at Sherdley Park in St Helens today to bring you the latest updates on theater times, queues, traffic updates and more.

They will also speak to people attending the festival throughout the day. If you’re heading to Reminisce this weekend, reach out and share your photos by tweeting @livechonews.

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Drink prices at Reminisce

Beer and cider

San Miguel – case £6/case £125

Coors Light – case £6 / case £125

Madre – case £6 / case £125

Rekorderlig – can be £5.50 or two for £10 / case £120

Hooch – case £6 / case £125

Power Bow – Box £6/Box £125

Dark Sagittarius Fruit – Case £6.00 Case £125


Vodka and mixer – single £6.50 / double £9.50

Vodka and energy drinks – single £7.50 / double £10.50

Gin and mixer – single £6.50 / double £9.50

Pink Gin and Mixer – Single £6.50 / Double £9.50

Spiced Rum and Mixer – Single £6.50 / Double £9.50

Jack Daniels and mixer – single £6.50 / double £9.50

Jagger shot – £4

Fighter Bomb – £5

An additional blender bottle is available for £5

Find the full list of drink prices here.

Festival goers having fun

Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: Liverpool Echo)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: Liverpool Echo)

Tour Reminisce with us

Music lovers enjoy the sunshine at Reminisce

Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)

VIP line at Reminisce



Amelia Preston

Andy Carroll

Ant Armstrong

Bobby Brown

Dom Townsend


Ella Clark

Jay Montessori

Cassie Leah Lynch

Lee Morrison

Liam Hincks

Mark Armstrong

Paul Blaisdell

Paul Remer

Roger da Silva

Tom Buck

Line up for the Fezzy Pop stage at Reminisce

Fizzy Pop

Live on stage

Blazin Band

Love booty


Chesney Hawks

Fatman Scoop



Sweet female attitude


Buzz Todd

Big Provaz

My agent

Jack Hillier

john b

Joseph Hollywood

Crazy Nick

Rick Houghton

Steve Weaver

Festival-goers enjoy the sun in Reminisce today

Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)
Festival goers in memories of 2023(Photo: David Moon)

Line up for the Legends stage at Reminisce


Live on stage

Cool 3

the wicked

Beverly Skeete

Dream frequency

FPI project

Class K


Shadows of rhythm


Billy Daniel Punter

DJ asked

DJ Force (experimenting with forces and styles)

DJ Trix

Dream frequency

Jay Viper

K-Class (DJ group)

Lee Hall

Mark XTC

Mike Noller

Sanding mat



Charlie B



MC cyanide

MC Lux

MC Magica

Map of memories

Map of the 2023 Festival of Memories at Shirdley Park in St Helens(Photo: Bulletin)

Line up for the Garlands stage at Reminisce


Live on stage

Abigail Bailey

Holly Ellison

Julie McKnight

Nikki Bell

Sandy B


Adam Wilson

Andy Mac

Ant Chandler

Billy Clements

Danny Fisher

Dave Bennett

Dave Graham

Good Clark

John Cotton


Lil Jon

Robbie Edwards

Sean Warren

Line up at LoveHouse in Reminisce

House of love

Live on stage

Angie Brown

Eli Sachs

Johnny Crane

Julie McKnight

Kathy Brown

Fats and small

Sandy b

Sharon May Lin

Cheryl Jay


a i b

Alan Hartley

Anton Powers

Billy Clements

Dave Graham

Des Mitchell

Ian Longo

Jeremy Healy

John left and right

Lee Morrison

Mick Willow

Mike Lewis

You are Austin

Tommy Mac

Vicki Scott

Line up at Bounceback Square in Reminisce

Rebound square

Live on stage


Jan Wayne


Linda from Milk Company

Love Inc ft. Simon Denny



Andy Whitby

Friday night possi

Ian Redman

Jessie J

John Neill

Kenny Hayes

Club breach

Lisa pin-up

Mark Breeze

Mickey model

Mickey D

Paul Oh

Rob Kane

Wigan Pier DJ






Mac Q




Public transportation is available in Reminisce

Drop off / pick up

Private vehicles and taxis (less than eight seats) will be dropped off at the car parks, on The Score Road within the park, and can only be accessed via the Elton Head Road access point. Access will be denied at all other points.
Pick-up points for private cars and taxis (less than eight seats) will be at the Sutton Leisure Center car park from 7pm.

Shuttle Buses

Arriva buses will also operate shuttle services to Liverpool Lime Street station, with drop-offs at Edge Lane. These trips will start at 10pm and frequent trips will continue until 1am. Head to Marshalls Cross Road to buy a ticket and get on the bus.

Buses and buses

Buses and coaches will use the bus lane on Marshalls Cross Road northbound for drop-off and drop-off. Vehicles with more than eight seats will also be able to ply in this zone after 10pm.

Dedicated taxi service

Britannia will be the only taxi company that will have its own drop-off and pick-up point near the Festival of Memories site. Taxi point operates all day.

Do you need an ID in Reminisce?

Festival of Memories is a non-camping, one-day event that celebrates the best of classic dance music. The festival is for people over the age of 18 and photo ID must be presented with all tickets to enter.

List of prohibited items for the 2023 Festival of Memories

Reminisce prohibited items

  • Atmospheric dust
  • Air horns
  • Alcohol
  • Blowtorches
  • BBQ/bonfires
  • Children under 18 years old
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Firearms, weapons or sharp tools
  • Fireworks/fireworks
  • Flares/distress flares
  • Gas cylinders/cylinders
  • glass
  • Hammers/other tools
  • Illicit substances (drugs)
  • Laser pens/laser equipment
  • Full face masks and other face clothing
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Professional audio/video recording equipment
  • Projectiles
  • New psychoactive substances (NPS) were at previously legal highs
  • Smoke grenades/canisters
  • Sound system
  • A drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Large umbrellas (handbag size acceptable)

Memories Festival 2023 lineup

Memories of the arena

Live on stage

Dancin Divas


Little Heather

John Martin

Rachel MacFarlane

sunset bros

External brothers

Tony Depart



Buzz Todd

Christian Davies

Dave Pearce

John Kelly

Lee Butler

Lil John

Mark Freejack

Mark Simon


Rob for convenience

Steve Cookie

Tall Paul




MC Magica


Weather forecast for memory

In St Helens on Saturday, early low clouds are set to burn off to leave a warm and mostly dry day. There is less than 5% chance of rain throughout the day and night with a maximum temperature of 25°C.

In the evening temperatures will drop to only around 19°C. At Reminisce, festival-goers will be able to see more than 150 of the best international DJs and artists across seven arenas.

Where are the memories exactly?

The location of the memories is as follows:

shirdley park,
saint helens,

Remember opening and closing times

The Reminisce Festival site at Sherdley Park in St Helens is open from 12pm to 11pm today.

Are tickets still available?

If you want last minute tickets, there are still some tickets left for Reminisce 2023.

To get tickets and learn more, click here.

VIP tickets are also available and include fast track entrance, VIP marquee access, VIP-only restrooms, VIP-only bar, booth seating and free phone charging.

The memories have come back

Memories come back to Shirdley Park today with a huge line-up. Gates open from 12pm – and our reporter and photographer will be out and about with all the latest details you’ll need to know

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