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Lynchburg weather |  News, weather, sports, breaking news


– Scattered showers or storms today

-Slightly better storm coverage on Sunday.

– Hot and humid during Memorial Day, with the highest number of storms. Some can be strong.

Climate prediction

Stop me if you've heard this before… It was hot and humid this afternoon and after we started drying out this morning, some rain and storms developed as the afternoon went on. Get used to it, you're going to hear it a lot throughout the summer – and I heard it a lot this week as we got a little taste of the summer style here. Things will start to change over the rest of the weekend. However, this evening, not everyone is going to get wet this evening. In reality, most of you won't, but the few sites that do will get your money's worth with some gusty winds, heavy rain and maybe even a few hailstones. These are mostly heat-driven pulsating storms, they don't move much and rain falls in the sky. So, while they're in isolation this evening, they'll be around a select group of us. I'll take rain gear just in case, but most of you won't need it. Temperatures start out in the upper 70s and lower 80s before falling into the upper 60s by midnight, with most of the storms present starting to break down once the sun goes down and we lose daytime heating.

OVERNIGHT – I'll keep a lingering shower in the forecast, we may have a dying band of storms approaching our border counties overnight that could give some people some extra rain, but I think most of it should be dry. Lows are in the lower to middle 60s.

On Sunday things start to change; However, it will start out very similar to the last few days. A mostly dry start to the day but anytime after lunch storms will start bringing the heat and humidity. These will be just the typical heat-driven storms we are used to. Things change on Sunday evening. Things are going to get a little rough to our west in Kentucky tomorrow, the west is moving east, and that could start to affect us later Sunday into Sunday evening – albeit in a weakened state. So – the storm chance may not diminish after sunset on Sunday. Highs are back in the upper 80s and again some warnings are possible on Sunday.

We look forward to Memorial Day on Monday and it proves to be an interesting forecast. We may start our day with a morning round of dying storms coming from the west. If that happens, the afternoon and evening round of storms could be weaker, and if we don't see the morning round, we could face a fairly severe afternoon. We'll see a round of storms in the afternoon and evening as the front emerges – the question is how strong it will be, and that's what we'll be tuning into over the next few days. Having said all that – Monday is not a wash, you can still go out and enjoy your day; Just keep an eye on the skies and stay in touch with weather information – there will be plans that need to be moved indoors for some. Once the front moves out – Tuesday through next weekend looks drier, cooler and less humid. In fact, we actually got a strong boost of drier air Wednesday night that could push some lows back into the upper 40s!


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