Maps show the areas of Wales most at risk of flooding with a full list of communities at risk

Maps show the areas of Wales most at risk of flooding with a full list of communities at risk

Maps have been published showing which areas of Wales are most at risk of flooding now, and in 100 years. The data has been published by Natural Resources Wales, as part of the National Floods Plan.

The report makes bleak reading. “Floods will occur more frequently in the future. They will also often be more widespread and more severe in nature, causing more risks – floods occur more quickly, with water flowing deeper and faster, for example,” the report warns. …More people and property will be at risk of flooding.”

The Department of Natural Resources Wales has powers to manage flood risk from rivers and the sea while councils have responsibility for surface water flooding. The report says the number of homes at risk from sea and river floods is rising, and by 2120 there will be an additional 60,000 people at risk of flooding from rivers. By then, 95,000 more people will be at risk of flooding from the sea compared to previous numbers.

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Climate projections indicate that there will be an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including storms in summer and longer periods of rain during winter, which will increase peak flows in Wales’ rivers, which in turn are expected to increase the risk of flash flood events. These floods are very difficult to forecast and forecast and can be very difficult to manage. Climate projections also suggest that sea level rise will occur in all emissions scenarios and in all locations across the UK. Coastal areas will be increasingly vulnerable to increased wave action and accelerated coastal erosion linked to climate change. These impacts will not only impact coastal communities who live and work in coastal areas, but also some of Wales’ most important natural habitats and heritage sites located along our coast.

Communities currently most at risk from flooding from rivers. Those communities in red or orange are most at risk and those in green are least at risk:

People currently at risk from marine flooding:

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