Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot Locations

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot Locations

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Spider Bots have been released throughout New York City, each with the unique look of a specific character from the wider Spider-verse, and your mission is to collect them all. To help you out, I’ve tracked down all 42 Spider Bot locations and put a map together, so you can find all the stray robot spiders yourself. This quest will only become available after you complete the quest Science friend The mission is when you are a few hours into the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, after which Ganke will call and draw your attention to an unusual signal they have discovered. This starts Spy spider A side quest directs you to the initial Spider Bot in Spider-Man 2, which in turn unlocks the rest of these collectibles to discover.

Spider-Man 2 collectibles

You’ll find spiderbots clinging to buildings, crawling under bridges, and occasionally hovering in the air. And while you initially feel like they’re easy to find when there are so many of them, as the numbers start to drop, you may eventually find yourself struggling to find more. So use my Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot Map to track them all down and see what they unlock.

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