Met Eireann Weather Forecast Temperatures will drop to 20°C due to El Niño as northern lights fill Irish skies

The northern lights were visible across the Irish sky in the early hours of Wednesday morning, including a very strong spotting over Connemara in Galway.

The colorful aurora borealis had night owls staying up very late and stretching their necks to the sky in order to see or even capture this rare moment on camera – which is what one of the local residents Caitriona Moskovskova did.

But it wasn’t just Galway that witnessed the celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky as observers captured images across North County Dublin and in Donegal to name a few.

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These clear skies at night are giving way to clearer skies during the day too, with forecasters predicting temperatures will rise by 20C again in the UK and Ireland at the weekend.

“It’s on fire globally at the moment,” says UK amateur forecaster TheSnowDreamer. “It’s very likely that it will be the warmest September on record, and this comes after the warmest June, July and August. 2023 has caught us by surprise as a recent El Niño “Relatively only formed.”

MetSwift’s chief meteorologist, James Peacock, added: “I can’t believe I’m writing this but next Saturday shows some potential to reach the top 20s in parts of the UK and Ireland.”

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