Met Office alert for Saturday, September 9

The Met Office Alert Day is in effect on Saturday 9 September from 2pm until midnight. Storms in the late afternoon and into the evening could cause some flooding thanks to rising water levels, and isolated severe storms could develop.

Most of our counties are under a flood watch on Saturday

A flood watch is in effect for much of our area until late tonight. These counties are likely to see flash flooding late Saturday due to higher rainfall totals, especially in low-lying areas that tend to flood easily.

Rain will be light until the afternoon
Scattered storms will occur between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm

Most of the morning remains fairly dry, but by 3:00 PM showers spread with storms shortly thereafter. Storms are strongest shortly after sunset in the NRV, but storms are also possible in the east. The system begins to calm down around midnight before rain sets in on Sunday.

By 9:00 PM the storms begin to dissipate
Rain will continue into the evening, but the storm risk is decreasing

Saturday has the best chance of flooding, but with more rain falling on Sunday, there is still a risk over the weekend. It takes until Monday for it to dry.

The risk of flooding will decrease significantly over the next few days

The severe threat is relatively low: We are at a level 1 risk compared to the level 2 risk we faced on Thursday and Friday. Damaging wind gusts are possible, but the chance of hail is much lower.

Storms are having trouble gaining the same strength as they did earlier this week
More than 3 inches of rain could accumulate in some places over the weekend
Flooding is more likely than hail on Saturday

Friday’s rain was concentrated in our northern provinces. Additional rainfall starting Saturday leaves those counties vulnerable to flooding. We had been in a long dry spell before Thursday, but persistent rainfall since then has raised the risk of flooding.

Friday’s rain was concentrated in the highlands
A dry stretch early in the week helped some of our rain sink into the ground

While the rain fell mostly in the north, the worst of the storms came through our eastern counties. Most of the damage from Friday’s storms was due to wind, not hail.

The storms were concentrated in the eastern side of our region on Friday

We get a break from the rain at the start of the work week. Storms return on Wednesday with a front, but most of our weather after that front will remain nice and calm.

Monday and Tuesday offer us a chance to dry off
Most of next week will be quieter than this weekend

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