Met Office issues ‘heavy rain’ warning with strong winds and rain after sleet on Sunday

Met Office issues ‘heavy rain’ warning with strong winds and rain after sleet on Sunday

Britain is set to get rain again this weekend as temperatures drop and weather alerts are issued for parts of the UK.

The Met Office expects Sunday to be gloomy for most, as a large band of heavy rain is set to move north across Britain.

Britons are set to experience a frosty Sunday morning as temperatures struggle to reach double figuresCredit: Alamy
Meteorologists at the Met Office expect Monday to be wet and miserable as a large band of rain moves across the UKCredit: Alamy
A yellow weather warning has been issued covering certain parts of BritainCredit: Alamy

Residents of the southwest coast of England will be affected first as wet and wild conditions move in from the Channel.

As the day progresses, heavy rain is expected to hit Northern Ireland and the Midlands, before reaching the north-east and Scotland by early evening.

Britons should also brace for a chilly morning as numbers drop to -1C in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Temperatures in other major cities, including Manchester, Leeds, York and Sheffield, are also expected to reach just above 0C.

Sub-freezing conditions are expected to be felt as far south as Cambridge.

By midday, temperatures on the south coast of England are set to rise into double figures, while temperatures in most parts of the UK will remain between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists estimate maximum temperatures of 12°C on the southwest coast, and icy lows of -1°C in Edinburgh.

A yellow weather warning was issued on Monday covering parts of Northern Ireland.

Met Office meteorologists put the notice in force from 3am until 2pm and stated: “Heavy rain is likely to affect parts of Northern Ireland during Monday causing travel disruption.”

Those affected by the alert can expect “splashes and flooding” causing difficult driving conditions.

Meanwhile, continued rainfall could “delay the cancellation of train services” and there is “a small possibility of homes and businesses being flooded”.

The Met Office website added: “There is a small possibility that some communities will become isolated due to flooded roads.”

A yellow band of rain is expected to move from Belfast into Scotland throughout the morning.

Residents of cities such as Manchester and Newcastle should also take an umbrella with them, as some areas are expected to experience frequent heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the majority of southern England is set to remain dry.

The rain is also set to bring slightly warmer weather and snowmelt from Sunday.

By midday, most parts of the UK will see double figures at around 10°C.

A yellow weather warning for rain across Northern Ireland on MondayCredit: MET Office

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