Meteorological Authority: Scattered rain tonight until Sunday; Cold weekend ahead

Meteorological Authority: Scattered rain tonight until Sunday;  Cold weekend ahead

Upcoming changes: It will remain dry in Alabama today, but clouds will increase ahead of a cold front. Temperatures will rise to the 76-82 degree range this afternoon. The average high in Birmingham on November 9 is 67. Some rain may reach the northwest corner of the state late this afternoon, and statewide rain is possible tonight.

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Tomorrow over the weekend: -Weather trends: wet and cold. Expect cloudy skies for all three days with occasional light rain. Not a total washout, but some rain is possible at any hour through Sunday evening. Tomorrow’s high temperature will be in the 67-72 degree range, and temperatures over the weekend won’t get out of the 50s in the northern half of the state. South Alabama will see highs in the low 60s on Saturday and Sunday.

Models continue to be more aggressive with rainfall totals. It now looks like most of the state will see about an inch of rain through Sunday.

next week: Monday will be dry with highs in the 60s. Some rain is possible near the coast, especially over Mobile and Baldwin counties on Tuesday, but the rest of the state will remain dry. The patterns then diverge again during the latter half of the week; For now we will side with the reliable European global model which suggests a chance of rain every day from Wednesday to Friday. Watch the video summary for maps, graphics and more details.

No Burn Order: A “No Burn Order” goes into effect this morning throughout the state of Alabama, according to the governor’s order. The Drought Emergency Declaration Order will remain in effect until rescinded by the State Forester, at which time conditions will have changed enough to reduce the incidence and frequency of wildfires. To report people burning in violation of this law, contact your local law enforcement.

Football weather: Light rain is possible at high school playoff games across the state tomorrow night with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.

On Saturday, Alabama travels to Lexington to take on Kentucky (kickoff at 11 a.m.). Skies will be mostly sunny with temperatures rising from around 52 degrees at kickoff, to around 56 degrees by the final whistle.

UAB is also on the way; They will be at the Annapolis MDV Marine Play (2:30 p.m. CT). It will be a great day for football; Skies will be sunny with temperatures dropping from the mid 50s at kickoff to the upper 40s by the fourth quarter.

Auburn will be in Fayetteville when they take on Arkansas (kickoff is 3:00 p.m. CT). Skies will be partly to mostly sunny with temperatures dropping from the low 60s at kickoff to the 50s by the fourth quarter.

Tropical regions: All remains calm across the Atlantic Basin, and tropical storms are not expected to form over the next seven days.

On this date in 1864: On election night, a violent tornado struck a ferry on the Mississippi River near Chester, Illinois, completely destroying it except for its hull. The boiler and engines were found at the top of the slope. Half of Chester was destroyed and twenty died during the storm.

On this date in 1926: An estimated F3 to F4 tornado tore through La Plata, Maryland, killing 14 people in a small school. This storm killed 17 people and injured 65 others.

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