Miami, Broward is under a tornado watch with all of South Florida at risk for severe weather

Miami, Broward is under a tornado watch with all of South Florida at risk for severe weather

Miami – The National Weather Service has issued a hurricane warning across South Florida due to a system that could bring severe weather to the region for several hours on Sunday.

The hour, which lasts until 2 p.m., covers all of Broward and Miami-Dade and extends as far as the Florida Keys.

The entire South Florida area was under a hurricane watch from Sunday until 2 p.m

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“We’re going to get into the thick of things as we approach 10 a.m.,” meteorologist KC Sherman said Sunday morning, adding that the fast-moving system could bring heavy rain and gusty winds. “This is going to be a fast-moving storm.”

The line of storms is expected to advance from east to west but will move out of Florida by early afternoon, according to Sherman.

The area was under a Level 2 risk for severe weather before the storms reached Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

A stormy Sunday is possible for South Florida

These storms have the potential to produce short tornadoes as well as very heavy rain and strong wind gusts.

With severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, strong winds can create flying debris as well as topple large tree limbs. If you are in a warning area, move inside your home and stay away from windows until the storm passes.

These storms will produce very heavy rain that can quickly reduce visibility. There is little to no flood threat since this line of storms will move quickly. In addition to the speed of this line of storms, South Florida hasn’t seen much rain over the past few days, so the land will be able to handle short, heavy rainfall. Minor flooding is possible in the middle of the rain, but areas should drain quickly once the storm has passed.

Drier air moves in after Sunday morning’s storms, so the weather alert will end once the coast clears. It will be dry Sunday afternoon and evening before moisture returns on Monday.

The following weather advisory is in effect for all of South Florida and the Keys on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m

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The storm associated with this line of severe weather will slow and even stop off the coast of the southeastern United States. Eventually, it will be able to increase winds from the northwest which will bring cold air by Tuesday morning.

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