Midweek weather briefing from the National Weather Service in Wilmington

Staff report

As we enter the first week of September 2023, the National Weather Service in Wilmington is giving you a comprehensive weather briefing for the period Wednesday, September 6, through Sunday, September 10. This briefing will cover forecast weather patterns, potential hazards, and impacts to both the Carolinas’ terrestrial and marine environments.

The forecast for the coming week offers a mix of weather conditions. Unusually high temperatures will continue through Thursday, driven by high pressure systems dominating the region. However, residents can expect cooler temperatures with an increased chance of thunderstorms late in the week and continuing through the weekend. This shift in weather has been attributed to a cold front that is expected to move into and stall the Carolinas, and eventually move offshore early next week.

One concern noted on the ground is the possibility of minor coastal flooding during high tide cycles in the afternoon. The phenomenon is likely to affect areas along the Lower Cape Fear River, including downtown Wilmington. Residents and businesses in these areas should remain vigilant, especially during Friday, as these coastal flooding may lead to temporary inconveniences.

Fortunately, there are no maritime headlines expected this weekend. Sailors and boaters can expect relatively stable conditions on the water during this time frame. However, it is always advised to check for real-time updates before heading out, as weather conditions can change.

Hydrological conditions continue to be a concern as river flood warnings remain in effect for three rivers currently experiencing minor or moderate flooding. Residents of affected areas must closely monitor these cases and take necessary precautions. For detailed river forecasts, you can visit the National Weather Service website at https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=ILM.

In summary, the Carolinas can expect a shift in weather patterns during the forecast period from September 6 to September 10, 2023. While unusually high temperatures will continue at first, the approach of a cold front will bring a greater likelihood of thunderstorms, providing relief from the heat. Coastal areas along the Lower Cape Fear River should be wary of minor coastal flooding, and areas with river flood warnings should remain vigilant. Sailors can look forward to relatively calm waters over the weekend, with no maritime headlines expected. Follow the National Weather Service for real-time updates, and take appropriate precautions to stay safe during this transitional weather period.

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