More weather warnings have been issued with snow, ice and rain forecast

More weather warnings have been issued with snow, ice and rain forecast

Today, Thursday, the Meteorological Authority issued additional weather warnings, with widespread snow and rain expected in large parts of the country.

Yellow weather warnings for snow have been issued in parts of northern England and north Wales, while a mix of yellow rain and snow warnings will be in place across the four nations.

Up to 25cm of snow is expected across the highlands of the Peak District and South Pennines, with a warning in force from noon to 6pm on Thursday.

A separate snow and ice warning will be issued between 8am and 3pm across North Wales and Shropshire, with 10-15cm of snow widely expected in both warning areas.

The Met Office said an orange warning means possible travel delays on roads; Public transport vehicles and vehicles can become stranded; Power outages are possible. Rail and air travel will likely be delayed, and rural communities have a “good chance” of being temporarily interrupted.

In the area covered by the snow and ice warning, the Met Office said untreated pavements and cycle paths may be impassable.

A yellow rain warning has been issued covering most of southern England and south-east Wales – including London and Cardiff – from 2am on Thursday to 6am on Friday, with 15-25mm of rain possible and up to 45mm on raised roads.

Separate yellow warnings are in place from 6am on Thursday to 6am on Friday due to the possibility of snow in north Wales, northern England and the Midlands, with a snow and ice warning from 6pm on Thursday to 3pm on Friday covering south and central Scotland, and in Northern Ireland from 10am on Thursday until 6pm on Friday – although the disruption here is expected to be more localized.

The Met Office said up to eight centimeters of snow could fall in Northern Ireland and up to ten centimeters in parts of Scotland, with an increase of one to three centimeters in both areas.

Areas that see the heaviest snowfall will see temperatures just above freezing, but will likely feel cold with strong winds.

Catherine Chalk, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Make sure you keep abreast of the forecast and Met Office warning page for any updates we may issue. Before then, make sure you plan your journey times longer, especially in the snow.”

“Make sure you check the overall condition of your car – if you have to travel, check your tyres, oil, screen wash, and take more time on your trip too.”

Chris Wood, from the AA, said: “If you need to travel, reduce your speed to take account of the conditions and leave plenty of space behind other vehicles, and try to use main roads where possible, as these are likely to be paved.” .

“Make extra time because your trip is likely to take longer than usual, and make sure you have plenty of fuel or electric charge if you’re driving an electric car.

“The cold snap is likely to impact vehicle breakdown levels, with faults such as flat batteries and wiper faults.”

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