! Murcia today – Weather forecast in Murcia from September 18 to 24: rain and storms lead to a drop in temperatures

Publication date: 09/18/2023

Weather forecast in Murcia Wednesday, September 20

In something of a continuation of last week’s weather, the Murcia region will see more rain and storms this week to break up the usual periods of sunshine, and as we approach the autumnal equinox next Saturday, September 23, to mark the beginning of autumn, temperatures will begin to gradually fall from the summer highs to which we are accustomed.

Initially, it will be mainly the western side of the region that gets rain, including Lorca, Muratala and Caravaca, although there will be widespread cloud cover in many other parts of the region. Monday 18 September.

Tuesday 19th It is overcast everywhere, with dark clouds unleashing rain and afternoon thunderstorms in almost the entire Murcia region. The rain will continue through the night and until Wednesday 20when there are more electrical storms in the morning.

Murcia weather forecast for September 18-24: Rain and storms bring temperatures down

Weather forecast in Murcia for Tuesday, September 19

By Wednesday evening, the 24-hour rain shower will dry up, leaving bright and sunny skies Thursday With only some light cloud cover.

These conditions must continue During the weekendalong with Caravaca and the northwest, and sometimes parts of central Murcia, experience short periods of rain.

Over the course of the week, night temperatures will begin to drop by a couple of degrees, falling to 11°C in Bolas and the northwest but will remain high to 16-19°C in the south and center of the region.

Daytime temperatures will also reach 30°C on a few days this week, but overall 25-28°C will be more normal and the drop in daytime maximums will be noticeable compared to the heatwaves we have seen this summer.

Murcia weather forecast for September 18-24: Rain and storms bring temperatures down

Minimum and maximum temperatures in Murcia, Saturday, September 23

Minimum and maximum temperatures in Murcia this week

  • Monday 18 September: Minimum 14°C; Maximum 30°C
  • Tuesday 19 September: Minimum 14°C; Maximum 31°C
  • Wednesday 20 September: Minimum 14°C; Maximum 28°C
  • Thursday 21 September: Minimum 12°C; Maximum 30°C
  • Friday 22 September: Minimum 13°C; Maximum 29°C
  • Saturday 23 September: Minimum 11°C; Maximum 28°C
  • Sunday 24 September: Minimum 11°C; Maximum 28°C

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