MyRadar in Apple CarPlay on Radar for Android Auto

MyRadar in Apple CarPlay on Radar for Android Auto

MyRadar on Apple CarPlay

Myradar, the highly rated app with over 15 million active users, is putting trusted data and prediction technology on the road with the launch of CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition to MyRadar’s availability on leading mobile platforms, MyRadar was recently added to the Android Early Access program to allow the app to be offered in Google’s built-in vehicles.

“We are excited to offer our users our own road weather forecasting system, called RouteCast, directly through their cars,” says Dr. Sarvesh Garimella, CTO at MyRadar. “Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean the snow will stick to the road, and RouteCast uses not only weather conditions, but surface data and road characteristics to improve safety and awareness for drivers.”

Using RouteCast, drive times are calculated, matching predicted conditions to future locations. In addition to more than 15 weather variables, the API provides road temperature, crosswind alerts, and 10 unique surface condition risk categories for every point along the route. Forecast updates are generated every 15 minutes for every point, route segment or GPS location of the connected vehicle for complete CONUS (continental United States) coverage. MyRadar’s schedule feature also provides the optimal departure time based on the forecast weather along the route.

In addition to making driving data available to consumers, MyRadar also works with commercial organizations to integrate with trucking and logistics fleets. When used with the MyRadar Windows app, RouteCast can help operations centers track vehicles and send optimized routes to drivers to help reduce the risk of delays or accidents as a result of severe weather.

High-quality weather radar and weather warnings from MyRadar are included in the free version of the app. With the paid version, users can access RouteCast. While this release represents MyRadar’s first product for these integrated automotive platforms, the company continues to invest in this area and plans to make additional improvements in the coming months.

“We hope everyone can do it safely this winter, and our data and capabilities can help make that possible,” says MyRadar’s CEO. Andy Green. “With the launch of CarPlay and Android Auto, MyRadar is more available than ever with the best weather data to help drivers and travelers make informed decisions and get where they want to go.

About Miradar:

With over 50 million app downloads across iOS and Androidand Windows, MyRadar makes weather and environmental data available for navigation in a changing climate. By keeping the world informed of severe weather, tropical storms, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards, road weather and more, MyRadar allows for better decision-making for both individuals and organizations. Now available in CarPlay, Android Auto, and Google Built-in Cars, MyRadar’s RouteCast predicts road conditions along roads, improving safety and awareness for drivers.

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