NBA starting November 5, 15: Tyrese Haliburton’s historic career

NBA starting November 5, 15: Tyrese Haliburton’s historic career

Three nights into the tournament, four to go.

After the first Tuesday of group play, here’s what to know.

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The connecting line

  1. Must watch starting Tuesday πŸ‘€
  2. Halliburton Historic Race πŸ’¨
  3. 9 matches in 90 seconds ⏲️
  4. Championship standings πŸ“Š
  5. Celtics – Sixers tonight πŸ“Ί

1. Must-Watch Tuesday πŸ‘€

With 32 assists and 0 turnovers in two games, Haliburton did something no one else had done before.

With 32 assists and 0 turnovers in two games, Tyrese Haliburton has done something no one else has done before.

Don’t start Wednesday without…

Jimmy Buckets hit from half court, then came up with a clutch down the stretch.

2. Halliburton’s historic career

Tyrese Haliburton is off to the best start of his career.

🏎️ Pacers 132, Sixers 126
πŸ† Eastern Group A: End 2-0, Fi 1-1
πŸ€ a summary

Tyrese Haliburton had already gotten year Before he had one of the two best games in point guard history.

Through 10 games, he reached career-highs in assists per game, points per game, FG% and FT%.

Now, he holds the record for the most assists without a turnover in two games never.

Who else is on the list? Haley is driving now?

  • Halliburton, 32 (2023)
  • Jason Williams, 31 (2003)
  • Kevin Johnson, 27 (1996)
  • Jason Kidd, 27 (1998)
  • Five players with 26

If that wasn’t enough, he also became the first player to have a 25+ point, 15+ assist game with 0 turnovers.

  • The pace at which it is going: Only five players have averaged higher than Haliburton’s current average of 12.5 during a single season: John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, Kevin Porter, Magic Johnson and Kevin Johnson.

Haliburton has 104 more assists (125) than turnovers (21) so far this season. No other player has a lead of more than 68.

Click to watch him The best dimes from his last two games in under 1:00.

3. Quick break: 10 Tuesday matches in 90 seconds

Rise from Aaron Gordon as Nuggets stay perfect at home.

βš’οΈ Nuggets 111, Clippers 108
πŸ† Western Group B: Religion 2-0, Latin America 0-2
πŸ€ a summary

  • Behind a close triple-double from Nikola Jokic (32 PTS, 16 REB, 9 AST) and a 19-9 run to close the final six minutes, the Nuggets earned the win to go 7-0 at home, retaining the lead for the best record in the NBA (9-2) and the best group West B (2-0)

πŸ“² Wolves 104, Warriors 101
πŸ† Western Group C: Maine 2-0, GSW 1-1
πŸ€ a summary

  • Karl-Anthony Towns scored a season-high 33 points and 11 boards to lead the Wolves to their seventh straight win – their longest winning streak since 2004.

β›ˆοΈ Thunder 123, Spurs 87
πŸ† Western Group C: OKEK 1-2, SAS 0-2
πŸ€ a summary

  • SGA show steals (literally): In the first regular season meeting between Victor Wimpanyama and Chet Holmgren, SGA had a career-high seven steals to give OKC (franchise-record 19 steals) four wins in five games overall and its first win in conference play.
  • Wimpy and Shit: Wimpy pulled down 14 rebounds and made 14 rebounds Another viral highlightWhile Holmgren led the Thunder in plus-minus (+30) and finished Beautiful and durable fake from Josh Geddy To close the first half

πŸŒ‡ Lakers 134, Grizzlies 107
πŸ† Western Group A: LAL 2-0, MEM 0-3
πŸ€ a summary

  • How important is point difference in group play? Los Angeles’ 27-point win over Memphis gives the Lakers the lead over Utah for the top spot in the Western Conference with an identical 2-0 record.
  • The Lakers tied the franchise record for 3-pointers made (22) with six players making at least two

🎷 Jazz 115, Blazers 99
πŸ†Western Group A: Utah 2-0, 1-1
πŸ€ a summary

The Jazz were undefeated in championship games during the season.

πŸ”₯ Heat 111, Wasps 105
πŸ† Eastern Group B: MIA 2-0, Cha 1-1
πŸ€ a summary

  • Jimmy Butler’s season-high 32 points led the Heat to their sixth straight win (after a 1-4 start) and kept them undefeated in the Eastern Conference.

πŸŒƒ Networks 124, Magic 104
πŸ† Eastern Group C: PKN 2-1, ORL 0-1
πŸ€ a summary

  • Six Nets scored in double figures in the comeback win, as Brooklyn (2-1) became the first team to reach three (of four) games in the tournament.

⚜️ Pelican 131, Composite 110
πŸ† Western Group B: Nob 1-1, D 1-2
πŸ€ a summary

  • The Pelicans quieted the Mavs (140 ppg in their previous two games, including 136 against New Orleans on Sunday) and got 25 points from Brandon Ingram to tie his record.

πŸ…°οΈ Hawks 126, Pistons 120
πŸ† Eastern Group A: Atalanta 1-0, Deit 0-2
πŸ€ a summary

  • With Trae Young out for the birth of his second child, Dejounte Murray (32) and Sadiq Bey (17 second-half points) helped the Hawks win their group stage opener.
  • Bai said: β€œPlaying a championship game during the season is like a playoff game to me.”

4. Multiplayer shot

Where do things stand after Championship Night No. 3?

  • If the knockout stage starts today:
  • The Heat, Pacers, Celtics and Wildcard Hawks will represent the East
  • The Lakers, Nuggets, Timberwolves and Wildcard Jazz will represent the West

Here’s the full rankings. Remember to keep an eye on the point differential shaft:

We’re back at it Friday night with 11 more games as conference play passes the halfway point.

5. Wednesday Preview: Rivals and Lines

The two best teams in the East. Matching 8-2 records. Playoff game from last season. And a lot of history between the franchises. The Sixers took the pick in the first round last week. How will the Celtics react tonight in Philly?

πŸ€ Celtics vs. Sixers
πŸ“Ί 7:30 ET, ESPN

Players, matches and memories from The rivalry between the Celtics and Sixers spans generations.

  • Russell v. Wilt. Havlicek stole the ball! Baird v. Dr. J. McHale v. Barclay. Boston Strangler. Pierce v. Iverson. Tatum vs. Embiid.
  • McHale: β€œBefore we got into it with the Lakers… I thought Philly was our biggest competitor. I mean those games had a completely different feel.

As the formations change, the fire between the two teams still burns.

πŸ€ Timberwolves at Suns
πŸ“² 9 ET, NBA app

  • Minnesota enters this game riding its longest streak in nearly two decades. The Wolves have already beaten the Nuggets, Celtics, Warriors (twice) and Heat. Could they add the Suns to the roster?
  • With Devin Booker listed as a possibility, we should get our first regular-season look at the Suns Big 3. 17 minutes before the start of the season Together, the trio has an impressive offensive rating of 129.7

πŸ€ Kings at Lakers
πŸ“Ί 10 ET, ESPN

  • The Kings have won five of their last six meetings, and are 10-9 during the LeBron era, with nine of their 19 games decided by five or fewer points.
  • LeBron is in his sixth season in Los Angeles, however This poster donk you Against the Kings β€” which celebrates its fourth anniversary today β€” remains one of his most notable accomplishments as a Lakers team

5 other games in the NBA app:

πŸ€ Mavericks at Wizards
πŸ“² 7 EST

πŸ€ Knicks vs. Hawks
πŸ“² 7:30 ET

πŸ€ Bucks at Raptors
πŸ“² 7:30 ET

πŸ€ Magic in Bulls
πŸ“² 8 EST

πŸ€ Cavaliers at Blazers
πŸ“² 10 ET

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