New 24-hour weather warning for Stoke-on-Trent with 53mph winds on the way

New 24-hour weather warning for Stoke-on-Trent with 53mph winds on the way

Forecasters have issued a yellow warning for winds across North Staffordshire, as freezing conditions are set to end. This week saw the region hit by an arctic blast that brought snow and some frigid temperatures overnight.

The Met Office now expects these conditions to change over the weekend, to be replaced by strong winds, rain and temperatures reaching double figures. The yellow alert for wind will come in at 6am on Sunday and will last until 6am on Sunday with wind gusts of 53mph in parts of North Staffordshire.

This will be a stark contrast to the winter weather families have experienced this week, with strong winds also expected to drive temperatures soaring. However, the UK currently remains in the grips of winter this week, with a yellow snow warning issued for northern parts of Scotland – with 40cm of snow expected.

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It remains cold in North Staffordshire too with today only 0°C with temperatures closer to -5°C at times. However, tomorrow will see temperatures rise to 4°C and a sunny day again.

But things will change on Sunday as a yellow weather warning for winds will come into effect at 6am – and last until 6am the next morning. Stoke-on-Trent could see wind gusts of up to 45mph, while some higher ground in the Moorlands is bracing for winds of up to 53mph.

A yellow warning for wind will go into effect on Sunday

Temperatures will reach 11°C with a low of up to 8°C, a stark contrast to the conditions seen this week. There are scheduled to be periods of light to heavy rain showers with wind speeds of at least about 35 mph.

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