New York City, Philadelphia, DC are bracing for snow from a deadly storm across the country

New York City, Philadelphia, DC are bracing for snow from a deadly storm across the country

New York — A cross-country storm that produced a deadly ice storm and slowed travel in the Northwest is heading across the Ohio Valley before delivering a second round of this week’s pesky, accumulating snow to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Friday.

This won’t be a huge storm, but the FOX Forecast Center said it will still be disruptive to travel due to snow and freezing rain.

Winds could also be strong at 30 to 45 mph, with drifting snow reducing visibility and slowing driving times on the roads.

Any ice problems are expected to occur south of Interstate 70 and be limited to areas between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains.

“With a shallow layer of air below freezing at the surface, a mix of freezing rain or freezing drizzle will develop across the Tennessee Valley,” the Fox Forecast Center warned.

The FOX Forecast Center continued that this will cause many problems on roads and highways with the surface freezing.

The Governor of West Virginia declared a state of emergency for all 55 counties due to the threat of winter weather and potential power outages.

Light snow is expected to fall for most of the day, including in major cities along Interstate 95, including Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.

Accumulations in some areas are expected to be close to or greater than the system that moved through those areas earlier this week, breaking several record snow-free lines.

However, New England, which has been the target of previous storms, will not receive as much snow from this system.

The FOX Forecast Center said it is monitoring the development of an inverted trough that could serve to enhance snowfall locally

“These troughs, which are essentially an area of ​​low pressure and converging winds west of the main storm, could lead to enhanced lift and produce localized areas of heavy snow,” Fox Forecast Center said.

How much snow will fall?

Again, this will not be a record-breaking snow storm that will affect millions of people in the Northeast.

“As far as the possibility of at least two inches of snow, it’s very likely in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and parts of New York,” FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said. “We’re going to see a decrease in snow totals in New England with this push. So, this will actually favor New York City toward D.C. and then push Father to the west.”

Southern New England is expected to see between 1 and 3 inches of snow, with higher snow totals in the South and West.

From the New York City area south to Philadelphia could pick up between 3-5 inches of snow, with between 1-3 inches accumulating in city centers.

These aggregates can also be found across Pennsylvania and in parts of the Ohio Valley, as well as the lower elevations of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. Higher terrain is likely to capture much higher totals.

The snow machine continues to hit the Great Lakes

An air wave over the still-warm Great Lakes region continues to bring heavy snowfall to communities on the southern and eastern shores.

Communities around South Bend, Indiana, and Buffalo, New York, have already picked up feet of snow with at least another foot possible over the weekend.

The snowfall has been annoying and forced the postponement of an NFL playoff game and a travel ban along Interstate 90 over the past week.

On Thursday, an American Airlines regional flight from Philadelphia to Rochester rolled into the grass while parked after landing. None of the 53 people on board were reported injured, and they were taken to the station by bus.

At least one runway at the airport was closed while emergency vehicles responded to the accident.

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