NEXT WEATHER ALERT: Gusty winds and single-digit temperatures make it very cold on Saturday

NEXT WEATHER ALERT: Gusty winds and single-digit temperatures make it very cold on Saturday

Minneapolis – After snow moves across southwestern Minnesota, Saturday will see very cold temperatures.

Saturday is the next weather alert day due to cold temperatures and wind, which will drop temperatures to -45 in some places. In the metro, temperatures will remain steady in the single digits, but will quickly drop near zero until midnight.

Light snow will continue to fall on and off Saturday, especially in southern and western Minnesota, including the metro. Snow Friday evening brought about 3.5 inches to Red Wing, 1.5 inches to Lakeville, and about 0.2 inches to Eagan. Any new accumulation on Saturday will remain less than an inch.

As the wind blows, blowing snow may lead to reduced visibility on roads during the afternoon. Winds can reach 35 mph and make it as cold as -45 degrees in southwestern Minnesota and -30 around the metro in the evening. Wind chill warnings are in effect through Sunday morning.

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The Minnesota State Patrol says there were 216 crashes between 6 a.m. Friday and 7:30 a.m. Saturday, 14 of which resulted in injuries. Two crashes — one in Beltrami County and one in Leon County — resulted in death.

For the first time this season, low temperatures will drop below zero, and will remain so until early next week. Then it will heat up as the week goes on.

In Red Wing, the return of snow and cold was unceremonious, to say the least. “I don’t like it, I could have postponed until May,” said Mike Hill, as he shoveled snow from his house. “I was optimistic — very optimistic — I thought maybe I wouldn’t have to touch the snowblower. Well, you live in Minnesota, so you have to do it.”

Hill Street was full of neighbors doing the same thing — shoveling and plowing driveways that had been left largely untouched since last winter.

“I love Minnesota, I love the snow, but gosh, I don’t miss shoveling at all,” Drew Sexton said. “My back shows how bad I am as a person. It’s a good workout, but yeah, I don’t miss it at all.”

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