NFL Week 2 Weather Conditions (Fantasy Football)

I was never one of those people who understood the discomfort around the word “moist” until last Sunday.

Rain and wet conditions across much of the East Coast caused impacts to several games throughout the day, most notably the Sunday Night Football game between the Cowboys and Giants. The good news is that the overall weather impact this weekend appears to be less than the first week. However, there are some games that still have to compete with Mother Nature, so let’s look into the crystal ball and see what this weekend has in store.

Remember – rides in domes are always rated “low” – if there is weather inside the dome, there are some pretty big issues.

Early afternoon games

Las Vegas Raiders @ Buffalo Bills

Low impact. Light winds of 5 to 7 mph with a high of 71 degrees. There is a small chance of rain near the end of the game, but nothing major to cause problems. Play with confidence!

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Medium effect. Expect intermittent rain throughout the game, especially after halftime. There will be some thunderstorms around the area which will also bring heavy rain if they move towards the stadium. Also, the heat index (the effect of temperature and humidity) will be close to 100 degrees near kickoff.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Low impact. Highs in the mid 70s with light north winds, with some minor rain possible in the late afternoon but similar to the Buffalo game, nothing substantial to worry about.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Tennessee Titans

Low impact. Winds will be in the high single digits and largely sunny with a high reaching 80 degrees. Beautiful football weather!

Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars

High impact. Expect rain, some thunderstorms, and a high heat index of 101 degrees. This game will see some of the biggest weather impacts all weekend. Keep an eye on this game! Hopefully most of the storms will move north, otherwise this game could be severely affected.

Late afternoon games

Washington Commanders @ Denver Broncos

Low impact. High temperatures in the mid-80s, with winds in the single digits. Great weather for a great match.

Sunday night game

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Medium effect. It’s shaping up to be another wet (ugh) night in the Northeast. It looks like the rain will start early and continue throughout most of the game. I’m not expecting heavy rain, it will be more of the persistent and annoying type of rain we saw last week during Sunday Night Football.

Monday Night Game(s)!

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

Medium effect. The good news? There will be light winds and temperatures will be above 60 degrees throughout most of the game. Bad news? Expect rain throughout most (if not all) of the game. You’ve probably seen this game before after watching Sunday night’s game.

Cleveland Browns – Pittsburgh Steelers

Low impact. Unfortunately, there will be some intermittent rain during the match, however, I don’t think it will be significant during match time. There should be no major wind or temperature issues during the game.

Remember that the weather, like football, is a dynamic thing and can change! good luck!

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