On November 12, the weather remains cool and dry with some rain on the horizon

On November 12, the weather remains cool and dry with some rain on the horizon

November 12, 2023

Sunday morning update

Yesterday, the temperature in Baltimore reached 61 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to average. Normal highs have dropped into the 50s and we will drop to cooler than average for most of next week.

There is a widespread drought in our area and I expect the next report will show that the situation is getting worse. This will be due to lack of rain most days of next week.

If we were to look for the next pattern, it would likely be with rain on Friday (again).

Drought Monitor: Baltimore/Washington area

Note: I know reservoirs are low and it’s very dry in Pennsylvania as well.

  • Shenandoah Mountains: Extremely intense
  • Frederick MD: Drought
  • Rest of our region: The abnormal drought situation is expanding.

Morning temperatures

Weather temperatures November 12 Sunday morning

Morning surface weather

High pressure to our north will continue to send light, cool winds, keeping temperatures below average.

The stalled border to our south has record heat just across from it in Florida.

A rainy pattern has been established and may continue throughout the week from East Texas through the South into the Carolinas. This looks like a more typical El Niño storm track that we may see develop this winter.

November 12 weather Sunday morning

Expected winds: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m

Light airflow from the north will make the day a little cooler.

November 12 Weather Sunday Wind

Afternoon shot: Crows game

November 12 Game Winds Weather Crows

Cloud forecast

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy

Weather forecast for November 12 Crows game

Afternoon temperatures

Weather forecast for November 12 Sunday afternoon temperatures

He doesn’t even do thatno Winter updates

Computer models support the East Coast storm track

El Nino CFSv2 winter precipitation model

El Niño warning

NOAA’s latest report is confident that a very strong event will occur. Maybe historical! This refers to temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, with an impact on the track of the winter storm in the United States

El Niño November 2023

Climatic data: Baltimore

Today is November 12th

Sunrise at 6:46 AM

Sunset at 4:55 p.m

Natural decline in Baltimore: 37 degrees Fahrenheit

Record high of 18 degrees Fahrenheit in 1957

Normal high in Baltimore: 59F

Record high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit 1879

Winter forecast reports:

Winter Weather Folklore: The 20 Best and More Nature’s References to Snow.

NOAA Winter 2024 Forecast

The 2024 winter forecast from farmers’ calendars returns cold and snow

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Shot 7am

Temperatures Monday morning


Weather forecast for November 12 Monday morning temperatures

Monday afternoon

Still cooler than average.

Forecast temperatures for November 12 Monday afternoon

Storm simulation

From Tuesday to Saturday

This could be a preview of the type of weather patterns we could get during the winter. This is not the exact weather, but check it out:

As we remain dry this week, a persistent storm track will form from East Texas into the Carolinas. A more organized low pressure will form across the Gulf states, then redevelop off the southeastern coast of the United States. This will team up with the northern branch of the jet stream to boost rainfall for us on Friday.

Weather storm forecast for November 12

Closer view shots

Friday afternoon

A cold front will move in from the Great Lakes/Midwest region with persistent rain.

Weather Forecast for November 12 It will rain Friday afternoon

Friday night

The best chance for rain in our area will be later Friday and overnight.

Weather Forecast for November 12 It will rain Friday night

Saturday morning

This storm system will be pulled off the coast with low pressure. It will be followed by another cold air mass.

Weather Forecast for November 12 It will rain on Saturday morning

7 day forecast

Long and simple: It remains cold and dry for most of this week. The next chance of rain will be another Friday, then it will dry out and cool down next weekend.

Weather forecast for November 12, 7 days, Sunday

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