Philadelphia snow forecast: Snow amount, school closing information and the latest snow emergency news

Philadelphia snow forecast: Snow amount, school closing information and the latest snow emergency news

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Snow is falling in the Philadelphia area Friday morning with a winter storm that could drop up to six inches of snow.

This morning, the forecast has changed a bit as to who will see our maximum snow forecast of six inches. It now appears that the heaviest snowfall in this system will fall on South Jersey and Delaware.

CBS News Philadelphia

Winter storm warnings were already in effect for much of our region including Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and New Castle counties across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

As the track of heavy snowfall shifts south, winter storm warnings have been upgraded to level Winter storm warning Atlantic County, New Jersey, and Kent County, Delaware.

How much snow does Philadelphia get? Check out our latest forecast with snow totals

How much snow do Philadelphia and South Jersey get? Our latest forecast by
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there Schools are closed throughout the Philadelphia area As a result of this storm and its potential impact on the roads during your morning commute. In our stream at the top of this article, you may see one of our reporters on the roads getting the latest news on conditions.

We are also monitoring updates on potential delays and cancellations from Philadelphia International Airport and will have live cameras showing where snow is falling.

How much snow will it fall where I live in PA, NJ, and DE?

More broadly, 2 to 6 inches of snow will fall across the region. Snow total estimates are highest in the purple band extending from Cumberland and Atlantic counties in New Jersey and Kent County, Delaware, to New Castle, Chester, Philadelphia, Delaware, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Burlington counties.

You will see the highest snow totals as the coastal low interacts with this storm. Kate Belew says any total of six inches is likely outliers with this storm and most of us will be looking at between two and four inches.

Beach spots, which may see some rain and snow mixing, expect one to two inches of snow.

This comes on the heels of Tuesday’s system dropped more than three inches in Philadelphia –And it’s over The snow drought that the city has been experiencing for almost two years.

Timing: When will snow start?

As of 5:45 a.m., we’ve seen some snow fall in the Poconos, and at 6 a.m., it should start snowing almost everywhere.

This may start out as rain on the Jersey Shore and then the mix line pushes south before the coastal low begins to rise offshore, creating the bands you’ll see on the map above.

We’ll be watching as the group bringing the heaviest snow moves north — will it make it all the way from the beach to the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia? It could be – we’ll keep an eye on that for you.

Around 2 p.m., we know we’ll see this band of heavy snow falling over New Castle County in Delaware and Philadelphia and Delaware County in Pennsylvania.

We’ll watch this dark blue band and see how far north it moves.

Snow emergency in Philadelphia: What to know

You may have to move your car if it is parked on a road Snow emergency road in Philadelphia. Here’s the latest About the city’s snow emergency with a link to a map of snow emergency routes from the city’s website.

School closings in the Philadelphia area: The latest

We show school closings along the bottom of the screen if you’re watching our newscast in the player above or on TV. Or, for the latest news from your school district, check out the CBS Philadelphia school closings page here.

Weekend forecast

Friday’s system will be followed by more cold air, so Saturday will be very cold and windy again. Wind speeds can reach 30 mph and wind chills will have difficulty exceeding the single digits.

In Philadelphia, it will feel like it’s only 2 degrees; At Pocono Mountain, it will feel like -10.

The next weather advisory remains in effect on Saturday, but in this case due to the cold.

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