Philadelphia’s weather forecast could be its snowiest in two years

Philadelphia’s weather forecast could be its snowiest in two years

Light snow flurries began moving into the area Monday afternoon, which could signal the end of a more than 700-day snow drought in Philadelphia. It’s been nearly two years since the city recorded a full inch of snow at Philadelphia International Airport.

“Not a major storm, not a huge storm,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombeck said. However, “anything is more than what we had.”

As of Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service forecast 2 to 4 inches of falling in the Philadelphia area, with higher totals near the Lehigh Valley and lower totals on the New Jersey side of the metro area. The bulk of the snow is expected to fall during the night.

With cold ground and temperatures reaching the upper 20s across the region, the primary factor preventing snow from sticking was how dry the air was. Once the air gets wet, snowfall will accumulate, said Amanda Lee, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Mount Holly office.

Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing overnight, meaning snow is likely to continue on the roads.

“It’s going to lead to some slick road conditions, some slippery travel,” Dombeck said. Early morning travelers — those who head out between 5 and 6 a.m. — will face the toughest conditions. Over the course of the morning, roads will transition from slippery to wet and wet, with conditions likely to improve first in the south and east of the city, and finally in the northern and western suburbs.

PennDOT said roads were brine and advised commuters that working from home may be a good option for Tuesday.

Last month saw two to three times more rain fall in the Philly area than usual, according to the Mid-Atlantic River Forecast Center, but temperatures were too high for snow, leading instead to storm surge flooding.

The Weather Service determined through a careful investigation that 0.1 inch of snow fell at the airport last weekend, meaning this will not be the most snow-free season on record. However, nearly two years have passed without measurable snowfall.

Maybe this will be the end of the line. Dombek said the weather is expected to be freezing this week, so snow will likely continue to fall regardless of the conditions. Temperatures are unlikely to rise above the mid-20s.

“Not only are we getting our first big snowfall of the season, but we’re also having a period of very cold weather. It feels like winter,” Dombeck said. “It’s winter.”

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