Pirelli, at SixRing, P ZERO tires beat the heat and back up the show

Extreme heat and tight racing to the finish met the expectations of the spectators and the tires once again supported the spectacle and performance of a Tour that had been missing from the calendar for 21 years. This was, in a nutshell, the sixth round of the fiercely contested 2023 DTM season which took place this weekend at the Sachsenring and saw Luca Stolz driving the Team HRT Mercedes-AMG GT3 to victory in Race 1 and Mirko Bertolotti to victory for Lamborghini. In race 2.

the challenge
The third to last stage of the DTM race confirmed the existence of the traps announced on the eve of the race, relating to the layout of the track, which presents a particular challenge for the cars and tyres. The track, which is 3.645 kilometers long with 14 turns (ten of which are left-handed), has high-traction asphalt that puts the tires to the test, especially in high-temperature conditions such as those recorded over the weekend. That’s not all: the Saxon track, widely used for motorcycle racing, features fast bends, tight sections, and noticeable changes in elevation, with gradients of up to 13% downhill and 10% uphill. These conditions make careful tire management essential to the outcome of the race. In order to maximize cornering speed, it is essential that drivers run as far as possible along ideal racing lines, in order to make the most of the grip provided by the tires and aerodynamic loads.

Pirelli quote
“DTM drivers are now familiar with our tires and know what to expect.” Comments Matteo Braga, Pirelli Track Activity Director. “Their knowledge of the tyres, the cars and all the strengths of their range allowed the teams and drivers to interpret the race to the best of their ability, even on such a challenging and demanding track. In particular, the drivers were able to make the most of the characteristics of our P Zero tires in terms of performance and cornering precision.” And traction. Although there are still two rounds left before the end of the season, it is still too early to draw up a balance sheet, but at the moment I can definitely say that the DTM is confirming itself as a high-level championship, as we strengthen our experience in GT competitions with new knowledge And new perspectives.”

Pirelli P Zero DHF is a tire developed to meet the specific needs of all GT categories. Features of the DHF system include a wider working range and a new construction solution that improves the vehicle’s balance through better contact between the front and rear axles.

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